Our launch range of protein shake flavours

Oliver Cookson

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  We've put a lot of work into our launch range of protein shake flavours. We know how important it is for shakes to taste amazing. It goes without saying quality is also paramount. I will be posting a blog post on our leading quality and sourcing of our whey and other ingredients soon.

Our launch range of protein shake flavours?

For launch we'll be introducing the following protein shake flavours. After launch, we'll be regularly introducing lots of new ones, so you'll always have plenty of delicious new flavours to try whenever you shop with us.

Triple Chocolate

Because if you’re going to do something really good – do it three times. Our rich triple chocolate flavour is a blend of three different Swiss chocolates that when combined create a smooth and luxurious chocolate meltdown.

Strawberries and Whipped Cream

A delectable treat of mouth-watering freshly chopped juicy strawberries which gives a sassy tartness kick before a mellowing creamy finish from the freshly whipped cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream

The distinctive taste of the aromatic vanilla bean, famed for its rich woodiness and almost savoury flavour, our milky vanilla ice-cream flavour will sit right up there in your top four traditional favourites and suited to those who prefer a more subtle flavour.

Sweet Banana

This sweetshop banana flavour is nothing short of a tropical banana bomb. The flavour lets the fruit take centre stage giving you a mouth-watering confectionery banana hit with every sip. Think banana foams.

Maple Syrup and Pancake

With the roasted flavour from the sap of a maple tree, the golden sugar, chicory-smoked flavoured syrup sits perfectly with the buttery taste of warm pancake. Bringing a combination of unique flavours in one powder. Indulge in its creamy caramelised texture and rich flavour experience. A huge flavour for those who want a flavour to explode in their mouth.

Turkish Delight

One for the taste explorers; this unmistakable fragrant and delicate rosewater flavour delivers the exotic taste sensation that is Turkish Delight. If you are Turkish Delight fan, you will love this flavour.

Try our whey protein samples

Please don't take my word for it on our launch protein shake flavours. Try some of our whey protein samples and see what you think for yourself. Please keep you eye out on the blog and our other social channels on how to apply for samples. Unfortunately, we won't have enough for everyone as demand is so high, but we will certainly have plenty to go around and we will give away in the fairest possible way!

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