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mug cake

mug cake

Why a Mug Cake?

We all love cake here at GoNutrition so we thought that we should create a cake that everybody can enjoy on their high protein diets. We tested countless variations of our Mug Cake recipe and what we settled with is perfection. Our specially developed formula has a 50% content of ultra premium protein whilst still remaining delicious and fluffy. With only a 3% sugar content, this light textured cake is one that you can truly snack on without feeling the heavy cloud of guilt. As well as this, each Mug Cake contains all 20 of the amino acids needed for muscle growth, repair and recovery.   mug cake  

When can I get it?

Short answer... Now! You can click here to get your hands on our brand new Protein Mug Cake which is available in 3 mouthwatering flavours.   Make sure you click here to get your hands on your Mug Cake. Now all you have to decide is which flavour you want. Let us know below by commenting on what flavours you want to try most.

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