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Protein Easter Egg recipe

We love Easter. We love eggs. We love gains. So why not combine the three and make a pretty macro friendly and tasty Easter treat? It's really easy, versatile and you can change it to suit tastes, macros, diets and what you have in the cupboard.

Protein Easter Egg Ingredients:

Protein Easter Egg Method:

  1. Crack open the Easter egg. In a separate bowl, combine the protein mousse with the water gradually, stirring until it is thick, fluffy and the powder is mixed in.
  2. Scoop the mousse into the egg and then smooth over the top.
  3. In a microwavable dish, microwave the nut butter zero syrup and a bit of water until it is runny like a sauce. Allow to cool slightly.
  4. Place the egg in the fridge in a covered dish for at least an hour. Then when it is set and chilled, take out and dribble your nut butter over the top along with any other easter treats you may fancy. I used crushed Cadburys Mini eggs.''

Protein Easter Egg Macros:

  • 384 kcal
  • 28.5g protein
  • 30.1g carbs
  • 18.5g fat
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