Protein Ice Cream - The Summer Treat

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Ice Cream

Ice Cream

What is better than Ice Cream in this hot summer weather? How about added Whey Protein?

What is Whey Protein Ice Cream?

We have developed a perfect blend of protein, flavour and texture that will fool the most expert Ice Cream connoisseur. Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix is a first for the sports nutrition industry. This high protein formula allows you to simply make up your own protein ice cream with over 47g of whey protein per serving. Each 60g serving makes up 250ml of the delicious treat. Ice Cream
 Whey Protein Ice Cream is a revolutionary product that you can get here

Not only with this help you keep on top of your protein intake this summer, our high protein mix is amazing as it puts one of your favourite treats firmly back on the menu. As well as providing 47g of whey protein in every 250ml it has no added sugar and is low in fat, making it all round a much healthier choice than standard ice cream.

"High protein means it contributes to muscle growth."

Protein consumed post workout helps the muscles recover and grow and whey protein is ideal for this due to its advanced amino acid profile and because it is quickly digested by the body.

Make sure you get yours now before it is gone!

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