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Recipe: Quick 'n' Dirty Bulking Shake

Normally on The Pulse we produce lovingly created and prepared recipes for your delectation, but this week we thought we'd do something a bit different - introducing the Quick 'n' Dirty Bulking Shake! Bulking season's here and sometimes if you're in a rush, there's no time to prepare food. This is when a Quick 'n' Dirty Bulking Shake makes perfect sense.

Quick 'n' Dirty Bulking Shake Ingredients:

Quick 'n' Dirty Bulking Shake Method:

  1. Pour your milk (or desired liquid) into a blender bottle
  2. Add in your other ingredients
  3. Shake vigorously
  4. Voila!
The macros on this are completely dependent on how much of a bulk you're on - quite obviously, the more of any of these ingredients will increase the macros, particularly calories. Take this mid-morning or right after an intense workout to help your body on its way to a new, bigger you! YOUR VIEW: What's inside YOUR favourite bulking shake? COMMENT below, we'd love to hear your suggestions!
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