Running - A Guide to the Basics

Joseph Marshall



Everybody knows someone who takes up running and never shuts up about it. They spend £100’s on trainers, new running clothing and a fancy new watch that tracks distance etc just to give up on running at the first hurdle. Below I will be going into some of the helpful tips that can help improve your runs and maybe even motivate you into doing a 5k, 10k or possibly a full marathon!

Benefits of Running

  • Running makes you feel happier – A phrase you may have heard of before is a “runner's high” which is down to the release of feel good hormones called Endocannabinoids. Many studies have been done around this and many of these studies have found that a 30 minute run can have a positive effect on someone’s mood so get yourself out there!
  • Weight loss – It's common knowledge that running helps you with weight loss, but regular runs can help boost your calorie afterburn. So even when you have completed the run you're still burning calories (though this doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want!)
  • Running adds years to your life – Not the fountain of youth but still a few more years added. If you were to run 3 times per week and exercise 2-3 times per week studies have shown that you can add years onto your life.
  • Joint care – Running is bad for your knees right? Wrong!! Regular running has been shown to actually improve your joints.
  • Energy levels – Running has been proven to improve the amount of energy you have. Having a quick 20 to 30 minute run in the morning could improve your energy levels and also your focus for the day.

Hints and Tips to Improve your Runs

  • Always warm up and stretch – These are the most important aspects of any run as the failure to do either can result in injury. Likewise, if you do not stretch after a run your legs will hurt for days, you have been warned!
  • Think smart  - Don’t plan on doing a 10k run your first run, think small and build up gradually. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day.
  • Short on time? – If you only have 10 -15 minutes free that’s still better than not running at all. Even a little bit of running is a benefit to you.
  • Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of water or isotonic drinks on your run. Simple.
Start slowly with running - Speed wise and also distance and goal times. Plan your route wisely and remember try and make it a circle as last thing you want to do is run 5 miles then realise you have to run 5 miles back home. 5K, 10K, ½ marathons are the perfect way to keep you motivated and give you inspiration on keeping up the running. It is also a great way to make some money for charities as many of these races allow sponsorship! Completing one of these races is impressive as even a 5k run is an accomplishment and not everyone can say they have done one. Do you have any tips or hints to add to this article?

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