Sodium Bicarbonate for sports performance

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Why use Sodium Bicarbonate for sports performance?

During high-intensity exercise, muscles keep up with the demand for energy by converting some carbohydrate to lactic acid. GoNutrition™ Sodium bicarbonate is alkaline and therefore reduces the acidity of the blood through a process called buffering.

How does Sodium Bicarbonate improve sports performance?

Using Sodium Bicarbonate for sports performance can be effective in improving high intensity performance when consumed before exercise, by counteracting the effects of lactic acid produced by active muscles. Sodium Bicarbonate has some great scientific backing and has been shown to improve boost endurance levels and increase strength, speed and stamina by reducing ‘the burn’ feeling experienced during prolonged high intensity exercise.

How should I use Sodium Bicarbonate to boost my performance?

Sodium Bicarbonate should be supplemented at around 200-300 mg/kg of body weight. This is around 15g for a 75kg adult. A single serving should be taken 45-90 minutes before exercise to boost endurance levels and increase strength speed and stamina.

How much is Sodium Bicarbonate?

Sodium Bicarbonate is just £5.99 for 500g  and £8.99 for 1kg. Get yours here:

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