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Champions breakfast

Champions breakfast

Walking down the cereal aisle of any supermarket there are the usual high sugar chocolate covered cereals as well as many so-called 'healthy' breakfast cereals. I saw a well-known brand with a protein alternative to their usual product, a little further down there was another one claiming to be healthy and protein-filled. Now on reading the nutrients, there is a high level of protein in them but, like most cereals, they contain a high amount of sugar or terrible artificial sweeteners. If you see aspartame (found in diet coke) avoid at all cost as this is 10x sweeter than sugar you might be better off with the full-fat alternative! There are lots of ways to have a healthy breakfast and set you up for the day as if your fuller for longer then you won't snack before lunchtime.


Here are a Few Breakfast Ideas that I use Myself

1 - Protein shake or smoothie Most people these days have blenders some even have ones that cost £100s and have 20 different settings on them By having a smoothie or shake for breakfast you can cram in lots of different fruits and can even add some oats into the shake This can also save time as you can prepare it the night before and grab it on your way to work 2 - eggs Now eggs are the ultimate breakfast food and can be boiled, poached or scrambled But the way I make them is using a muffin baking tray and add onions, tomato, peppers and chopped ham or chorizo for a little egg muffin and given the fact most baking trays have 10-12 spaces can prep a few days’ worth of breakfast 3 - Protein porridge Possibly the most simple breakfast to have while making your oats add a scoop of protein to the pan and mix together, as the milk and oats have yet to combine it is easier to mix in the protein I find it easier to do on the hob rather than the microwave but I suppose you could stop half way through and mix in the scoop of protein 4 - Good old fry up And before you head to your local cafe for a greasy fry up this is a healthy alternative using Go Nutrition lean meats and coconut oil but it is still tasty and meaty what more do you want Given the new low fat sausage range and pork range on here you can enjoy a guilt free fry up unless it's cheat day then I suppose a greasy spoon fry up is on the cards 5 - Pancakes When I was younger these were had once a year on pancake day now I make these on a daily basis now and I'm even thinking of investing in a pancake to make flipping a thing of the past There are lots of recipes out there ones that include just an egg and a banana but I use the Go Nutrition blueberry protein pancake mix as it's easy to mix in a shaker and then easily poured the only issue is I eat them straight from the pan as they are that good Check out the flavours they do on the site and add your own twist to them Give these a go and comment below on any protein filled breakfasts you make yourself or any of these you have tried.

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