Super Vitamin D3

Oliver Cookson




What is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin which is required by the body for healthy function. This important vitamin plays a vital role in ensuring healthy bones and muscles and a strong immune system, making it very important to active people such as athletes. What's more, it can also help increase the uptake and utilisation of minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. Of the two types of vitamin D available (D2 and D3) D3 has been shown to be up to three times as effective.

Why choose GoNutrition™ Super Vitamin D3?

Our softgels provide a huge 5000iu per dose. This is the strongest Vitamin D3 available and they are far superior in oil format than as a tablet. Super Vitamin D3™ is only £8.29 for 180 softgels which is the same price as a leading brand, but double the strength making it the best value Vitamin D3 available. Buy now at

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