Superset Improvements and Tips

Joseph Marshall



Supersets are a great way to fatigue your muscles and mix up your training programme. For example, doing a set of Chest press followed immediately by a set of Dumbbell flies. What about doing 2 different muscle groups together say triceps and biceps one after another? Doing an alternating tricep exercise followed by a bicep exercise will increase the workload on your forearms as well as causing your heart to work harder, pumping blood to your arms resulting in more calories burned. Despite this, it is just as effective when doing a tricep exercise back-to-back.  Before we get started, make sure that you aren't going to burn out half way through your routine. GoNutrition Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin is a great addition to any intense workout.

Superset Techniques


Rope push down - Overhead rope extension. Set the adjustable pulley to the top level and attach the rope attachment to the pulley. Keeping your back straight, tuck your elbows into your side and extend your arms down and out to the sides then release. Next, grab the rope attachment and turn around so that the pulley is behind you. With your elbows tucked to your head, extend out and slowly back in, hitting the triceps at a different angle and guaranteed to burn. Ez bar Skullcrusher - Narrow grip press. This is an intense superset as there is no rest. As soon as you have done the skull crushers go straight into the press, only altering the hand position. Start light with this as you may find the skull crushers easy but adding a press will fatigue your muscles. Dips - Press ups. Simplicity is sometimes best and this is as easy as it gets, complete as many dips as you can then go straight into doing as many push ups as you can.  

Supersets really are a great way to get a high intensity burst from your workout. Not stopping in between the back-to-back sets will help create a huge calorie burn amongst many other things.



Seated Bicep curl - Seated hammer curl. Hammer curls will work your forearms and fatigue you’re already hurting biceps. With the same weight, do a seated bicep curl then turn the weight sideways and perform a hammer curl. Simple, right? Dumbbell curl wide grip - Dumbell curl narrow grip. Again, simply changing your hand position will cause you to utilise a different area of the muscle. Switching between narrow and wide can be done as well as overhand to underhand.  

Alternating Supersets:

EZ bar Skullcrusher and bicep curl (Dumbbell skullcrusher and Dumbbell curl) - Using the same bar with the same weight, perform a set of skull crushers then jump up and do a set of bicep curls. These will burn like nothing else and your triceps will hurt even when you curl. Rope push down into rope curl (Adjustable pulley) - This one is a little fiddly but only if your adjustable pulley has seen better days and can't be adjusted. Perform a set of rope push downs then adjust the pulley down to the bottom. Now, using the rope, perform a set of curls but pause at the top for a few seconds to really pull at the muscles and then lower. This type of curl will hurt a lot more than a regular curl and by using the cable the weight is pulling down throughout the exercise.   Give these a go and comment with your top supersets you have found to work best. Remember to head over to GoNutrition to talk with the experts!

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