3 Killer Supersets for Big Quads

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3 Killer Supersets for Big Quads

3 Killer Supersets for Big Quads

Leg day is brutal. We've all experienced DOMs the next day and wondered whether we'll ever be able to walk properly again. Here, we discuss some of the best superset combinations for building those monster quads...

1. Leg Extensions & Leg Press:

Leg Extension It’s no coincidence that pretty much any half decent gym has some form of a leg extension machine. It’s one of the most effective quadriceps isolation exercises out there! However, the majority of these machines don’t have a huge stack of weights (usually around 50kg). This makes it the perfect superset exercise, as typically you select a lower weight for a superset. Top tip: To get the most out of this exercise it’s crucial to use the full range of motion. Bring your legs all the way up and squeeze at the top to place your quads under tension. If you’re really looking to exhaust your quads, pause at the top of the movement for 2-3 seconds. Leg extension                 Leg Press Typically this exercise is the heaviest lift of your workout, so I don’t need to explain how this is great for building mass. I’m a big believer in supersetting isolation exercises with compound movements, so it’s the perfect companion for leg extensions. Leg Press

2. Back Squat & Barbell Lunge:

Back squat A regular squat is the most traditional of all quad exercises. Obviously several other muscle groups are incorporated in this movement, but it’s still, in my opinion, the greatest exercise for building your quadriceps. No leg workout is complete without the old school squat. Back squat Barbell lunge There are two variations to this exercise, the walking lunge or the stationary lunge. Which one you do is dependent on the amount of space you have available. Don’t be afraid to go deep on this exercise, but try not to let your knees hit the ground. elliot_dun_barbell_lunge

3. Front Squat & Box Jumps:

Front squat The front squat is still a compound movement, but it puts much more emphasis on the quads. There isn’t much else to say, just give it a go! Front Squat  Box jumps This is such a great exercise to develop power and burnout your quads. Completing box jumps can be tough on its own, but do them immediately after front squats and it’s a whole new level of tough. Not only do these turn your legs to jelly, but they can be tough on the cardio side of things too. I do advise to leave this exercise until last because it’s so energy sapping.  Box Jumps

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