Surviving The Christmas Holiday Binge

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The Christmas holidays are a time to let your hair down and over-indulge in food, films and the festive season! Now we aren't suggesting that you have a strict diet over the next few weeks because well, it's Christmas.. But a little balance never hurt anyone right? Not to mention you'll find it easier to ease your way back into your January health kick! Our Christmas Survival guide will help you to achieve ultimate moderation with your diet and training whilst getting into the Christmas spirit, so let's get started!

1. Stock Up On Fruit & Veg

Just like you'd stock up on chocolate and cakes, stocking up on frozen fruit and vegetables will help you to continue eating in moderation. Most people tend to avoid doing this when Christmas shopping as they're so mesmerized by all the new seasonal food, and their approach to shopping is a lot more relaxed. But if you have healthy food at home, you're more likely to eat it than you are to go to the shop if you don't have it. Top tip: indulging in cakes this season is a must and we have so many delicious recipes for you to try such as our Christmas Pudding Energy Bites, but why not add some fruit with your cake? 

2. Stock Up On The Correct Supplements

A good detox can always work wonders, so make sure that you’re prepared. A multivitamin has an antioxidant effect which will help to reduce your hangover, helping to get you back on your feet quicker. We offer both male and female multivitamin options. Another supplement that possesses powerful antioxidant properties is Green Tea Extract. Importantly, Green Tea has been shown to be effective for cleansing the liver of certain toxins. Fancy a lengthy bender that spans the majority of the weekend? Then look no further than our newly revamped Volt Preworkout 2.0. to give you that extra bit of energy in the gym. Alternatively, our Protein Coffee helps to improve mental and physical performance and packs 21g of protein.

3. Swap Solo Workouts For Classes

As your diet becomes more relaxed you start to become more laid back with your training too, which ultimately results in you working out less and having a 'I'll get back into it after Christmas' approach. Are we right or are we right? But, just because your diets lacking doesn't mean that your fitness has to as well. Why not swap solo gym sessions for group classes? Over the holidays, gyms have so many great classes for you to participate in along with competitions and seasonal themes. They're great fun and they really don't feel like a workout either. Have you tried Zumba or glow in the dark classes? Add some fun to your workouts this festive season!  

Recommended Survival Supplements:

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