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  • Can CBD Protein Kickstart Your Training?

    November 20 2019 – GN™ Academy

    Can CBD Protein Kickstart Your Training?

    Looking for an extra edge to kickstart your training? We look at CBD Protein powder and ask if it can help you train harder and recover quicker.

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  • How To Track Macros

    October 13 2019 – GN™ Academy

    How To Track Macros

      We are currently living in a period of time when worldwide obesity rates have never been as high as they are today, yet we are also in an age where knowledge and technology make it easier than ever for people to lead a healthy well-balanced lifestyle. One personal training tool that is now readily available to the public without...

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  • 8 Surprising Uses For Peanut Butter

    August 06 2019 – Alex Nathan

    8 Surprising Uses For Peanut Butter

    Healthy Yummy Vegan Peanut Butter can be used in SO many recipes. You can use it in oats, cookies, ice creams, cakes, chocolate, but wait, we're not just talking about recipes here... If you want to find out how else Peanut Butter can be used, other than as an ingredient then keep your eyes peeled and read ahead!   #1...

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  • Protein Shake

    June 29 2019 – GN™ Academy

    Which Whey To Go

    Protein is the macronutrient that is at the forefront of most avid trainees conversations. I often get asked how much protein they should take, when is the best time or what brand is good. It’s usually a given that unless you’re lactose intolerant or vegan you’ll probably consume some whey protein as a part of your daily training routine. However,...

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  • Guide To Protein Supplements

    June 08 2019 – GN™ Academy

    Guide To Protein Supplements

      What is Protein? Protein is a macronutrient, meaning it is one of the food groups that is essential for life (along with carbohydrates and fat). Protein makes up everything from muscle tissue to skin to bone and is involved in the transport of blood, our hormonal system and even makes up the building blocks of our hair and nails....

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  • |Chicken thighs are a great way to add size|Raisins are another great food helping to add size|Raisins||

    June 01 2019 – James Bradford

    11 Powerful Foods Perfect For Clean Bulking

    Summer is approaching and it’s now time to think about adding some serious size to your frame. Successful clean bulking comes as a result of making the right choices in the kitchen, as well as the gym. Support your heavy lifting with an excess of clean calories and you will add the lean muscle you crave while minimising fat gains....

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