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  • Protein Shake|Ed-Yourdon-530x366

    November 14 2013 – Tommy Gaughan

    The Ultimate Bulking Guide

    Sports nutrition expert and GoNutrition's new product wizard Tommy Gaughan explains how to create the perfect bulking diet. What is bulking? Bulking is the term used to describe when someone is trying to pack on as much size and mass as possible with little concern for fat gain, however ideally we would keep this to a minimum. Who should consider...

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  • coconut-oil-530x343

    November 04 2013 – Paul Johnson

    Coconut oil benefits explained

    Coconut oil benefits us in many ways. It's readily utilised by the body, it's an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory and it tastes awesome. Paul Johnson MSc, BSc, SENr explains why you should use coconut oil as part of your diet. A little information regarding fat Saturated fat has been given a bad reputation in the past and was demonised in the...

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  • October 24 2013 – Tommy Gaughan

    Choosing the right protein powder

    Choosing the right protein powder to suit your personal training goals is one of the biggest challenges for the newcomer to sports nutrition supplements. Sports nutrition expert Tommy Gaughan explains what you need to know to pick the right one for you. Why do you stock so many protein powders? At GoNutrition we currently stock eight individual protein sources, and...

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  • label-343x420

    October 17 2013 – Tommy Gaughan

    What are proprietary blends and why should you care?

    Let's face it, choosing a supplement can be a minefield. There are so many brands, all with such large product ranges. How do we know that we've picked the right product to suit our goals, how do we know that we’re getting value for our hard-earned cash, and most importantly, how do we know that we’re not being misled by...

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  • October 16 2013 – GoNutrition

    FAQs on creatine muscle supplements

    What are creatine muscle supplements for? Creatine muscle supplements are one of the strongest and most talked about muscle building supplements on the market. These supplements exist to increase strength, muscle mass and aerobic performance. There are a number of different creatine muscle supplements available to purchase, but the most effective and cost efficient one is creatine monohydrate. Creatine supplementation...

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  • goprotein_problend5_2kg-300x300

    August 16 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    ProBlend 5™ protein shake

      Our ProBlend 5™ protein shake is an advanced, sustained release protein blend which combines five premium protein sources with muscle building amino acids and essential fatty acids (EFAs). Providing over 46g of protein per serving, this tapered-release blend will keep your muscles fuelled for hours with the vital nutrients to promote growth and recovery. We haven't cut any corners...

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