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  • measuring-fat-loss-kizette-530x354

    November 19 2013 – Paul Johnson

    Measuring fat loss and lean muscle gain

    Using a set of scales for measuring fat loss and lean muscle gain on a body composition training programme is outdated and flawed, says Paul Johnson MSc, BSc, SENr. Those following a programme designed to improve body composition typically use weight as a sole measure of progression. However, using weight for measuring fat loss is an outdated approach that has...

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  • weights-530x397

    November 06 2013 – Adam Hearn

    Training for lean mass - our top tips

    Training for lean mass requires the right approach, as well as a good diet and a lot of hard work. Strength and conditioning coach Adam Hearn gives his advice on what works best. The majority of those who lift weights have the goal of increasing lean body mass. Increasing lean body mass, scientifically known as muscular hypertrophy, refers to increasing...

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  • m-haftek-weight-lifter-530x367 (1)

    October 31 2013 – Adam Hearn

    Strength training tips and exercises

    Designing a strength training programme is a complex process. As a strength coach I need to consider: what you're training for, what exercises will best suit you and the order they feature in your programme, how often you need to train, how much weight you need to lift, how many sets and reps you should perform, and how long your...

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  • Deadlift-300x289

    October 09 2013 – Adam Hearn

    Lifting straps - strap up and lift big

      Lifting straps are pieces of fabric, or leather that you wrap around your wrists and the bar to secure yourself to the bar. They are a controversial accessory among many lifters where I liken them to marmite – love them or hate them. Personally, I love lifting straps. Here's why. For this article I will refer to the deadlift...

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