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  • |Summer Training

    May 04 2019 – GN™ Academy

    Tips for Training Outdoors

    Spring is here and (hopefully) some warm, sunny weather! If you have lost a bit of motivation over the colder months, the spring offers up lots of options to help get you back on track. The brighter evenings make exercising outdoors much more appealing and can provide a welcome change of scenery from your usual sweaty, packed out gym. Below, we've listed some of...

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  • |Motivation

    April 27 2019 – GN™ Academy

    Motivation: Getting Started Again When Motivation Drops

    So you set a fitness goal, to get fit, healthy or lose weight / tone up / compete… and a couple of months down the line you are struggling to keep up your new exercise routine or have stopped altogether? It’s fairly common, but all's not lost… You can get back on track with your goals today! Here’s some tips...

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    April 20 2019 – GN™ Academy

    The Summer Good-Body Guide - Part 2

    With holidays and wearing smaller clothing coming to the forefront of our minds getting in shape is becoming more of a priority for many of us. In the first part of this article (The summer good body guide Pt1) I wrote about how to make a significant reduction in your bodyweight and overall appearance. Part one was based around nutrition...

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  • Grace's Top Tips if you’re new to the Running game.

    April 13 2019 – GN™ Academy

    Grace's Top Tips if you’re new to the Running game.

    Running has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s something I do every day and I can’t really imagine life without it. Early mornings in the sunshine, dark evenings after a long day of work, busy city streets and quiet country roads. Running can take you anywhere, at any time, with any emotion,...

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  • The Summer Good-Body Guide - Part 1

    April 06 2019 – GN™ Academy

    The Summer Good-Body Guide - Part 1

    Nutrition As we head into spring the thoughts of warmer weather enter our heads and we dust off the summer wardrobe. The stark reality is that your summer clothes don’t fit anymore and there is way too much winter weight still hanging round. This prompts many people to make the decision of starting a fitness regime to try and get...

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    March 30 2019 – GN™ Academy

    German Volume Training For Idiots

    GVT or German Volume Training is a way of shocking the body into making gains and is perfect for when you feel the workouts getting easier or you feel you have hit a plateau with your training. GVT is basically 10 sets of 10 reps done with minimal rest in between (60-90 seconds). This training method builds muscle but also...

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