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  • Mega Green Tea Extract

    August 11 2015 – Joseph Marshall

    The best muscle building supplements that you’re not taking…

    Now I’m not going to preach about protein (too much) as everyone knows that protein is vital for your muscles rebuilding and repairing, depending on goals and training methods there are guidelines for the grams of protein needed per KG and why stop there? There are so many more different muscle building supplements as well as fat burning aids and...

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  • count calories

    August 05 2015 – Scott Edmed

    Do you need to count calories and weigh food?

    NO! You don't have to be as boring as us, weigh food and input everything you eat into “My Fitness Pal.” There have been many cases where people have lost weight without counting a single calorie. There are some simple strategies that we will go through to help you control calories on a daily basis. How do you know if...

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  • Focus On The 80% Not The 20% For Dieting

    July 16 2015 – Scott Edmed

    Focus On The 80% Not The 20% For Dieting

    Lyle McDonald, author and nutrition/training expert, lays out what he believes are the two main reasons dieters fail: 1. Being too absolute and expecting perfection. 2. Focusing only on the short-term. The first point is crucial here! So many people will stress and obsess about the tiny details that will only give you the smallest results. Lets focus firstly on...

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  • How To Stay Motivated Whilst Cutting

    June 30 2015 – GN™ Academy

    How To Stay Motivated Whilst Cutting

    As we enter the British holiday season, many of you gym dwellers may find yourselves grinding through the final weeks of your summer cuts in order to polish off your bodies ready for the beach. These last phases of a cut can come with plenty of temptation to go off track, either by missing training sessions or not sticking to your...

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  • Intermittent Fasting – The Secret To Quick And Easy Fat Loss?

    June 22 2015 – GN™ Academy

    Intermittent Fasting – The Secret To Quick And Easy Fat Loss?

    Intermittent fasting is a type of diet that has been floating around the fitness industry for the past few years. Rather than being a diet that dictates what you can and can’t eat, it simply revolves around when you can and can’t eat. The diet basically involves eating your calories in set times during the day and then fasting for...

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  • Reverse Dieting - Eat More And Stay Lean

    June 10 2015 – GN™ Academy

    Reverse Dieting - Eat More And Stay Lean

    There is a lot of talk in the fitness industry about metabolic rate and the different measures we should all be taking in order to “speed up” our metabolisms. Some you may have come across include eating every two hours, drinking copious amounts of lemon juice and adding cayenne or other hot spices to your foods. Yes, these may have...

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