The best muscle building supplements that you’re not taking…

Joseph Marshall

Mega Green Tea Extract

Mega Green Tea Extract

Now I’m not going to preach about protein (too much) as everyone knows that protein is vital for your muscles rebuilding and repairing, depending on goals and training methods there are guidelines for the grams of protein needed per KG and why stop there? There are so many more different muscle building supplements as well as fat burning aids and below I have listed the benefits of each item and also the reasons that they should be used.   Creatine – Powder or Tablets: What + Why? The human body naturally creates creatine and has been shown to increase energy levels and lean muscle gains as well as strength gains allowing you to work harder and for longer, so it’s a win win. Creatine can be found in red meats and fish so it is a naturally occurring supplement and therefore the side effects should be little to none. When? Creatine should be taken before or after a workout and can be added to your post workout protein shake if you buy unflavoured. Note that with the tablets the dosage varies. How much? Starting at just £4.19 per 250g (each serving is 5g) available in Unflavoured and Cherry Burst.   Glutamine – Powder: What + Why? Glutamine is an Amino acid and is basically a building block for the body aiding in growth, recovery and repair as well as replenishing the body’s glycogen stores. It is perfect for a post workout recovery drink. When? It is recommended you take up to 15g per day to aid the body in repairing as well as boosting the immune system. A good idea is to have 5g in the morning, 5g post workout and 5g before bed - you can even add a scoop to your protein shake. How Much? At £6.49 per 250g it is an essential gym bag supplement and the unflavoured can be added directly to your shake or you can consume the cherry burst as a drink.   Green tea (Mega Green Tea): What + Why? Everyone knows the benefits to drinking green tea, but by taking a green tea supplement you can get the same benefits without drinking 9-10 cups per day. Green tea aids in increasing the metabolic rate and helps you to burn more fat including the stubborn fat that you can’t seem to shift. Plus it helps to reduce cholesterol, which is bad very bad for your health. When? Given the Mega Green Tea’s levels it is advised to take 1-2 tablets daily and this should be enough to see positive results as well as an increase in energy levels. How much? £10.49 for 90 tablets, £18.99 for 180.   CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): What + Why? CLA is a natural fatty acid found in sunflowers and boosts the body’s fat burning while also stopping the breakdown in muscles as the last thing people want is to lose muscle instead of fat. CLA’s contain high levels of Omega-6, which can be found in meat and dairy products, but the levels are so low that to achieve any real weight loss or muscle building benefits a hell of a lot will need to be consumed. When? As this is a food supplement it is advised to take 1-2 tablets three times a day with breakfast, lunch and dinner. How much? £7.99 for 60 tablets, £12.49 for 120.   Glucosamine Sulphate Tablets: What + Why? Glucosamine is a joint care supplement as it is one of the main ingredients in the joint cartilage as well as the fluid surrounding the joints. Given the amount of strain the joints take in working out, it’s better to plan ahead rather than suffer from ‘squatters’ knee in the future or even a dodgy elbow from too much benching. When? One tablet to be taken daily with food. How much? £3.99 - £7.99 depending upon the quantity.   Well there you go - they are the supplements that I have used, currently use and feel a difference as a result of using them. So if you feel like you’re not recovering, try the CLA, if you have stubborn fat, try the green tea and if you’re after size and strength I can’t stress how important creatine is. Plus most of these items are the same price as a coffee or a sandwich at those high street stores we all can’t avoid.

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