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Oliver Cookson

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gostrength_solo_1kg-300x300 (1)

  As I have mentioned before quality is one of the four cornerstones here at GoNutrition™. It's absolutely central to everything we do. I just wanted to expand on this some more as it is so important for me personally and I know you the consumer. As you know I've been in this game a while, which means I know the good from the bad, and I've used all the experiences I have learnt to make sure that our product quality will be the absolute best possible out there. This has been helped as I have some very long standing relationships with the finest suppliers of ingredients globally. I don’t think its wrong of  me to say there are quite a few companies (and contract packers) in the sports nutrition industry who plain and simple – cheat (a good bunch that don’t as well may I add)! Some companies use cheaper sources of protein in "whey products" for example. As we know whey is an expensive commodity, whilst pea protein for example is less than half the price. One of the things I am most proud of in all my time at Myprotein was I never, ever cheated! That is one of the reasons we became the number one brand, people trusted us. We had many rivals and trading standards regularly testing our products. Never once was there any issue in my time.

The best whey protein

All our whey and dairy proteins are coming from one of the leading dairies in Europe. Simply put, I'm just not willing to compromise when it comes to the quality of whey we use, I demanded the best and we’ve got it. All the milk used to produce our whey is premium grade and sourced purely from European farmed cows. This means it’s fully traceable and you can be assured is free from antibiotics used to treat cows in other regions of the world (like the USA), and found in inferior protein powders. Each batch is supplied with an official Certificate of Analysis (CoA), and as we’re hiding nothing, it will be posted directly to the product page for you to see for yourselves. To me this is very important, and if your supplier isn’t willing to show you a CoA then I’d be asking some serious questions.

Our other ingredients

And the premium quality doesn’t just stop with the protein powders. As I said during my time building MP I developed some pretty strong relationships with some of the biggest ingredient suppliers globally. Coupled with large buying power this has enabled us to source  of the very best quality aminos, creatines, carbs and extracts at great prices, and these are savings we intend to pass straight on to you! Once our premium ingredients arrive in stock they will have to pass our rigorous checks before before we’re happy. If they’re not up to scratch then they won’t be going anywhere near your finished product, simple.

We manufacturer in-house

As you’ve already seen there has been a considerable investment in our production facility and this means you can expect the highest quality products. We’ll be performing regular quality checks and tests on our products too, so our standards will never drop.

Money back guarantee

Action are louder than words, so we offer a guarantee. So if you’re not happy with your products you can return it for up to 30 days and we will give you your money back (subject to some sensible terms and conditions). I am looking forward to telling your more about us over the final weeks before launch so I will be posting again very soon. Thanks, Oliver

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