Inside the GoNutrition™ brand

Oliver Cookson



  We spent a long time thinking about the look and feel of the logo for GoNutrition™. We wanted something that stood out, but also meant something as well. We feel the blood orange colour is bold and vibrant and whilst the angle of our logo makes our logo feel full of energy - just how we want to be known!

Carbon fibre effect

GoNutrition carbon fibre We wanted to think of a brand asset that meant something relevant. We felt we hit something that struck a chord when we thought of carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is one of the strongest and most lightweight materials known to man. Exactly what the ultimate athlete should be! So this is when we decided to use carbon fibre as one of our key elements in our branding. We think it works! What do you think?

The GoNutrition icon

GoNutrition avatar Our icon represents carbon in its most basic form, we have obviously stylised the carbon pattern as our logo. We feel it is an easily recognisable mark and fits well into the brand.

The GoNutrition brand

I wanted to give you guys an insight into how we came up with our brand and why it looks how it does. Let us know what you think? We have also finished our packaging design. We have innovated and taken things to the next level with our packaging and it looks amazing. We can't wait to show you! Many people have asked when we go live and we can't release a public launch date yet (we are waiting for final confirmation on a few things), but we aren't far away from being able to do that. Speak soon, Oliver

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