The Top 5 Home Exercises

Joseph Marshall



There's not always time to get to the gym, and even with the best intentions sometimes things come up and take up your valuable gym time. So what do you do when the gym is out of reach? And you don't have a collection of Dumbbells and a bench at home? You bring the gym to you, by doing home based exercises!!! These are mainly body weight exercises but a burpee is a body weight exercises and no one likes burpees. Below are some of the best exercises that can be done at home 1 - Squats Now a squat usually involves a rack and a bar but body weight squats are perfect to ensure your form is spot on and that you're doing the exercise safely and effectively. We have all seen the meat heads at the gym load the bar, make loads of noise then do 3-4 shallow squats. Now to make this exercise harder you can incorporate a jump, so squat down then as you come up jump as high as you can, another way to toughen up these is to pulse at the bottom of the exercise so squat down then when you're at the bottom, slightly come up then back down then up. 2 - Press Ups Same again, no equipment needed and none of these push up bars you see advertised at silly o'clock at night on TV. Now I agree a press up is basic so to up the ante why not try a diamond press up? Assume the press up position but bring your hands in close together then lower yourself your arms should resemble a diamond then press back up, this is a killer but works those triceps like no other Clap press ups? Why not? There's a clue in the name, assume the press up position lower yourself down then as you press up explode and push yourself up and clap (as a starting point just push up and off the ground, building up to a clap) 3 - Lunge Much like a squat, a lunge is a basic exercise but it is done incorrectly so many times and needs striping back to basics Starting with feet together step forward (left leg) now keeping your back straight bend your other leg (Right) until parallel to the floor, back up and repeat on the opposite leg. Boom that's a basic lunge ..... But we don't do basic. Jumping lunge - just like the squat adding a jump to this basic exercise is a killer, once your leg is bent, explode up and swap sides as fast as you can (this will help burn countless calories) 4 - Burpee If you have never done a burpee you're in for a treat!!! And by treat I mean a world of pain. Burpees are a killer move incorporating your legs,abs,arms and back and torch calories Start standing then drop to you hands bringing your knees info your chest then kick your legs out, then back in and jump up. To make these even harder (if that's even possible) add a press up into the exercise and see how many you can do in a minute. 5 - Lying Leg Raise Lying flat on the floor with your hands on your lower back lift your legs up about a foot, hold then lower without touching the floor repeat this then on your final rep bring your legs down as slowly as possible . Now to combine the lot! A simple and effective workout - do 10 of each exercise one after another then rest for 1 minute then do 12 of each exercise then rest for 1 minute and do this adding two reps each time until you can't do anymore and each time you do this workout try and beat your previous score

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