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Tommy Gaughan



Our new greens powder, Go Greens™, is the most comprehensive and best value for money greens powder available on the UK sports nutrition market today. With over 40 ingredients, all of which pack a real punch in terms of nutrition, vitamin and mineral content our unique greens powders is a great addition to your supplement cupboard, and GoNutrition New Product Development manager Tommy Gaughan explains why.

What is a greens powder?

A greens powder is quite simply a blend of superfood powders, usually including grasses, vegetables sprouted grains, herbs and algae. The various powders are selected for their superior nutritional qualities. Each brings unique nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to the blend.

Why are greens powders so popular?

There are various reasons why greens powders are growing in popularity. Firstly, people are becoming more knowledgeable and better informed on the types of food they should be consuming and the types of foods they should be avoiding. A greens powder offers a great way to boost your daily intake of fruit and vegetables. Go Greens™ provides the equivalent of 5-7 servings of vegetables and fruit per daily serving. For those that lead a busy lifestyle and don't always have the opportunity to cook a nutritious meal with several portions of vegetables, a greens powder is a convenient way to consume these vital nutrients.

Is a greens powder as good as real fruit and vegetables?

While some nutrients will be lost during the drying and production of a greens powder, the foods selected are so nutrient dense that they will still maintain many of their nutrients. A greens powder should not be seen as a replacement for fruit and vegetables, but it should be seen as nutritional support. With over-farming now common practice, many fruits and vegetables contain much lower levels of trace vitamins and minerals than a few decades ago, so a greens powder is a great option to supplement your diet.

Is a greens powder as good as a multivitamin and mineral tablet?

Many multivitamins tablets available off the shelves contain synthetic versions of the essential vitamins and minerals. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this in principal, our bodies do not recognise them in the same way it would recognise the vitamins and minerals in real food. This makes them much less bioavailable. In a greens powder all the essential nutrients are found in their natural forms, meaning the nutrients are utilised much more easily by our bodies. Furthermore a greens powder will contain many nutrients that aren't found in a multivitamin such as plant proteins, polyphenols and enzymes.

Why is GoNutrition® greens powder the best on the market?

As with all our products we like to push the boundaries against what is currently available on the market, and our greens powder is no exception. Go Greens™ contains nutrients from 40 different superfoods, vegetables, grasses, sprouted grains, algae and herbs. This means that you get vitamins, minerals, proteins and other healthy nutrients from a wide variety of sources, so all the bases are covered. Other greens powders on the market only provide a few ingredients in their blend which will mean that these products contains high levels of certain nutrients while lacking in others. Further to this, our greens powder is the first on the market to fully declare the levels of the ingredients within the formula. This means that you know exactly what is going in your body. Other greens powders on the market don't declare their ingredient breakdown and are therefore likely to contain high levels of the cheaper ingredients and low levels of the more expensive and nutrient-dense ingredients. Not only this, but Go Greens™ offers outstanding value for money starting at £4.50 per 100g. You are unlikely to find a greens powder for a lower price on the UK market, and certainly won't find one as advanced as Go Greens at this price.

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