Top 4 Abdominal Exercises

Joseph Marshall

Top 4 Abdominal Exercises||ROLL OUT!||To become superman, you must first workout like superman...

Top 4 Abdominal Exercises||ROLL OUT!||To become superman, you must first workout like superman...

Sick of doing hundreds of crunches in the gym? Using the AB cradle? Well both of these will not get you the six pack that you want this year maybe 2-3 years if you're lucky. Your abs are like any other body part, you wouldn’t do nothing but bicep curls to get good arms, you wouldn’t do nothing but chest press for your chest so why only do crunches for your abdominals? With that in mind, here are my top 4 abdominal exercises (without a crunch in sight).

#1 – Hanging Knee raise

[caption id="attachment_3717" align="aligncenter" width="456"]Hanging Knee Raises Hanging Knee Raises[/caption] Calm down, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Using the pull up rack, just hang then lift your knees up to your chest, pause then slowly lower them back down avoiding the urge to swing, the slower the better.

#2 – Abdominal roll-out (TRX or Stability Ball)

[caption id="attachment_3718" align="aligncenter" width="317"]ROLL OUT! ROLL OUT![/caption] On your knees with forearms on the ball or in the TRX handles roll out forwards keeping your back straight then go back to the start again slow and controlled.

#3 – Jacknife (TRX or Stability Ball)

[caption id="attachment_3719" align="aligncenter" width="483"]The Jackknife is great for your abs The Jackknife is great for your abs[/caption] In a press up position place your feet onto a stability ball or into the TRX frame, bring your knees into your chest pause and then roll back out this will test your stability and don’t worry if you fall off the ball as this is working your obliques. Practise makes perfect with this exercise!

#4 – Superman Plank

[caption id="attachment_3720" align="aligncenter" width="500"]To become superman, you must first workout like superman... To become superman, you must first workout like superman...[/caption] A plank is a gym staple exercise and is often overlooked but by adding this little twist into it will hit your oblique’s. Get into the plank position set your timer for 1 minute then raise your left arm and right leg, pause then alternate do this for the duration of the plank for an abdominal exercise that will hit you where it hurts. These are my favourite abdominal exercises and the ones that I feel work the most due to the way I feel days after doing these exercises. Don’t forget that to show the abdominal muscles you need to get rid of pesky belly fat. Two supplements I have taken in the past have been CLA and also Acai Berry which help burn that belly fat as well as promote healthy digestion and remove bloating. Comment below on your favourite abdominal exercises and also which of mine your try!

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