Definitive Top 5 Cable Exercises

Joseph Marshall

Definitive Top 5 Cable Exercises

Definitive Top 5 Cable Exercises

Now I'm sure everyone has their favourite exercises to use on the cable machine as it adds a much needed variation to your workouts and can help break down the muscle fibres in a new and painful way. There are many benefits of using cables as opposed to using free weights these include:
  • No weights to put away - Using a cable machine means you can drop a set without having to take plates off and then put them away.
  • You can use one machine to do a variety of exercises - As cable machines come with different attachments you can do a rope push down for your triceps one minute then can adjust it to do a bicep curl.
  • There is resistance throughout the exercise - Doing a bicep curl normally means that once you lift to the top the weight stops pulling down, but with a cable machine the weight is pulling the muscle throughout the exercise.
Below I have listed my favourite cable based exercises and feel free to comment below on which ones you tried and also with which ones you love to do.

Let's Get Started

  1 - Rope push down This exercise isolates the tricep and, when done using the rope attachment rather than the straight bar, it hits the outer area of the triceps. This exercise is best done using a drop set; do 10 to 12 reps increasing the weight each set until you fail on about 5 or 6 reps then drop the weight by 2 plates and rep out then repeat, even though the weight is lower your arms will feel the burn. 2 - Cable crossover Similar to doing a dumbbell fly, grab two 'D' handles bring them together pause then release. The best training method to use on this exercise is to '21s' so do 3 sets of 7 reps each at a different level so high, middle then lower crossovers hitting the top, middle and bottom of your chest. 3 - Bicep curl (lying down) Now I'm sure you have seen people at the gym lying down and doing a bicep curl! Weird right? Well not so much as by doing this exercise lying down it means that you focus fully on the biceps and keep your back straight and stops you swinging which most people do when doing a curl. 4 - Bent over row Grab the lat pulldown bar from the machine and place either at the top or bottom of the cable machine and take either a BOR stance or place your feet at the bottom of the machine and pull down sitting down doing this on the cable machine means that each rep there is tension both in the pull of the exercise and the release. 5 - Crucifix curls or T curls Setting the cable crossover at the top and with two "D" handles on each side stand in the middle and perform a bicep curl keeping your elbow in line with your shoulder this can be done simultaneously or can be done alternating. Give these a go and see what exercise you feel works best on the cable machine and comment below on what works for you. If you have any questions, you can ask the experts over at GoNutrition!

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