Top 6 Hacks for Healthy Eating

Joseph Marshall

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

We all know what we should eat and what we should avoid, right? Despite knowing that it's a fact that most convenient food isn't that great for you and likely contains high levels of fat and calories, many of us still insist on eating it.   Eating healthy is about making changes that are specific to you as a person. Some people can give up bread no problem whereas others need there toast in the morning or lunch time sandwiches. By making small changes here and there you can tweak your diet to match your goals, all whilst eating healthily. Let's get something straight, I could write you a simple diet plan right here consisting of alcohol and chocolate and you will lose weight: 
  • Breakfast - Bar of chocolate
  • Lunch - meal of your choice
  • Dinner - glass of wine or beer
 Follow that and you will lose weight, you will be hungry but you are in a calorie deficit... Albeit not at all a healthy one.   It is best to gradually change aspects of your diet rather than make wholesale changes as a whole new eating plan sounds worse than a few tweaks. Below I have listed a few helpful tips with my top 6 hacks that you can follow to make your current eating plan help you reach your goals:   1 - Don’t skip breakfast It's cliché but it is the most important meal of the day as overnight you have been using energy while sleeping and it's time to break-the-fast of sleep. No time? No problem, grab a protein shake and add some oats to the mix for a on the go protein and carb hit.   2 - Avoid white rice and pasta A simple change to make is to swap the white pasta or rice for the wholemeal variety. It's not a huge change and wholegrain and wholewheat are burned quicker and used for energy.   3 - Eat more often Eating 3 square meals a day is so last year it is best to eat 5-6 meals per day with small snacks in between the big 3. So try having a Greek yoghurt with some fruit at 11am, then some nuts and a piece of fruit in the afternoon so your constantly topping up with energy rather than eating a huge meal.   4 - Include the big 3 in each meal Protein - carbs - vegetables The first and last one should engulf your plate with a little bit of carbs for energy.   5 - Drink plenty of water Hunger can sometimes be tricked by drinking water meaning next time your craving food have a drink of water. It not only helps with digestion but can also help rid the body of toxins.   6 - Protein shakes No matter your goal, there are benefits to taking a protein shake after the gym or even before bed as it helps aid recovery when training. There are specialist proteins that add bulk muscle and these often contain creatine and have a high calorie count. There are ones with green tea extract in to help mobilise fat and burn more calories. There are even ones designed for meal replacement so can be had instead of lunch or even breakfast   Have a look at the Gonutrition range for each goal and see what's best for you. Do you have any top tips which we missed? Leave them in the comments below!  

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