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Top Tips For A Better Body

With summer fast approaching, the pressure to look good in the sun is upon us. Holidays booked and beach trips arranged, the only challenge left is to get the body you would be proud to show off in a bikini or those swimming trunks you’ve been saving for that sunny day at the beach. The question now is, do you know how to get the body that you desire? Over the next few weeks, leading up to summer, I will be covering some of my ‘TOP TIPS’ to get you to that body you are not ashamed to show off. So without wasting too much time, lets get into it The ‘TOP TIP’ of the week is on Nutrition Nutrition Most of us are aware that what we eat and how much we eat has a massive role to play in our general weight loss goals. But to what extent do we understand the importance of adequate nutrition? I speak to a lot of people who have very clear visions on how they would like their bodies to look but haven’t got the first idea of how to get there. Nutrition is one of, if not the most important factor when it comes to manipulating one’s body composition. Today I will cover some of the things you can do to help you manage your nutritional intake. Calories and Macronutrients For me this is the first port of call on your cruise to a better you. The goal at this port is to figure out exactly how much food you should be taking and how it should be broken down in terms of macronutrients (fats, protein & carbohydrates). The first thing you are going to want to do is calculate the amount of calories you should be eating. You can do this by using an online calorie calculator, by using a fitness application on your smart phone or tablet or by basically paying a professional to do the calculations for you. Its simply a case of selecting whichever method works best for you and going with that. On the subject of macronutrients, I should point out that carbs do not make you fat, and neither do fats. On the contrary, your body needs them to maintain a healthy functioning vessel for yourself. Excess on the other hand will make you fat. It is about a healthy balance of these macronutrients that you will maintain a healthy body while reaching your goal of a better body (I will cover macronutrients in a different article. Track You Calories and Macros! Once you have figured out how much you should be eating, the rest is plain sailing as they say. Your next port of call will then be to find a method of tracking your foods, that works best for you. There are a number of ways you can do this. Either through manually searching your foods from a website that has a database of foods and their calorie breakdown or by downloading an application that can do the same for you. Weigh Your Food! While this may seem excessive to some, it is key to you reaching that goal. It allows you precision when it comes to your food intake and you want to be as precise as you can with how much you are eating, so you can best work out if the calories you are on are correct. Much like a laboratory experiment, the more accurately each variable is monitored, the more accurate the end result will be. Think of your goal as an experiment, you want to have an idea of what facilitated a change (whether it be negative or positive) so you have a better idea of how to either recreate that change or avoid it in the future. Also, don’t forget to prepare your food in advance and avoid cooking your food or doing food shopping when you are hungry. Unless you have the will of a saint, you will find yourself picking the wrong foods to buy or cooking the wrong foods that are not going to be friendly to your daily calorie and macronutrient targets set for you. Conclusion Changing your body composition really isn’t as complicated or as taxing as some might think. Its about consistency and perseverance. Try out these tips and see how they work for you. I will add that everyone is different and the methods that work for one may not necessarily work for another. However I have found through personal experience these tips work. This post was brought to you by GN Academy member Jonathan Muchenje. If you'd like to find out more about the GN Academy or apply to join then you can do so here.
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