Top Tips To A Better Body (Part 2)

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Top Tips To A Better Body (Part 2)

Top Tips To A Better Body (Part 2)

Moving on from last weeks edition, I’m going to talk about my next top tip to help you get that summer body you’ve always wanted. The tips for this week are going to be covering workout efficiency, and improving workout intensity.

In the past I have found there are a few items that I simply could not do without in the gym. These items in my humble opinion are something any lifter or trainer should have in their gym bag, so without wasting anymore time, lets get right into it.

Stop Watch

Number one on the list of items I just cannot do without is a stop watch. For me this is an absolute essential, whether I’m using the stopwatch on my phone or an actual stop watch. I would highly recommend everyone reading this invest one. It will help increase your workout intensity and allow you to keep to your set rest times. My workout efficiency and intensity greatly improved due to the introduction of a stopwatch to me gym accessories.

Note Pad

Second on the list is a note pad (and pen of course). The whole point of this for me is to help keep a record of my current position in regards to weights lifted, reps performed at those weights and how I may or may not have felt during the set. This helps me monitor my progress quite closely and allows me to maintain a certain level of intensity with my workouts. The data I collect also allows me to see how a certain phase may have worked out, whether my goals for that phase were met or not. I would highly recommend any lifter implement this method of tracking progress and maintaining workout intensity.


My last and final tip is hydration. In the past I have been guilty of overlooking this important aspect to my training. Adequate hydration will help improve your focus in the gym and also your performance. Ever had that session you just didn’t feel much of a pump and weren’t overly motivated for the session? I have, partly because I hadn’t drank enough water or ate the right foods to help fuel my session ahead. When we train, we are looking for that pump in the muscles that makes us feel like gods, especially on arm or chest day.

Drinking about 500mls of water before your session is going to improve that ‘pump’ we all want to chase in the gym. With water making up 60-70% of our bodies and a whopping 80% of your muscles themselves you can understand why being adequately hydrated is key to muscle building and that all important pump. Consequently, dehydration diminishes blood flow to the brain and delivery of those all important nutrients to the muscles.

The points I made above are just a small part of the role water plays in the function of our body though. so stay hydrated, implement a stop watch to your sessions and record your sessions. These three points will get you started and set up a sturdy foundation for your sessions. Give them a go and see the difference they could make to your sessions and your journey to the desired physique.

Happy lifting guys

This post was brought to you by GN Academy member Jonathan Muchenje. If you’d like to find out more about the GN Academy or apply to join then you can do so here.

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