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Joseph Marshall



So it's that time of year again. In January you looked in the mirror and at the scale and thought enough is enough, you join a gym and think that will be all you need to do to get your training game on. You went out, bought your gym gear, made sure you had some shiny new trainers and got yourself some protein; you are all prepared. Nobody warned you about how many strange machines there are in there or how confused you might feel when you first step foot in there. It's now February and you are thinking that maybe this fitness scene isn't for you... Time to get yourself in check!

Time To Work!

Below I will go through the basics and give you an outline of a workout plan to follow:
  1. 3 a week To see real results you need to train at least 3 times per week this can included classes or gym sessions.
  2. 45 minutes is more than enough No need for hours upon hours if sessions in the gym and let's face it we can all find 45 minutes daily.
  3. Nobody's perfect Don't worry about missing the occasional gym session or having the occasional bad meal. It's all about moderation and it will take time to get into the habit of the gym and eating healthy.

The Workout

Each session should be split up into the warm up / cardio / weights / cool down You can do cardio one day then weights the next days but this is a basic workout and feel free to use and alter:
  • Warm up - 5 minutes either on the bike or cross trainer to get the heart rate elevated and loosen up the main joints
  • Cardio - 15-20 minutes now this can be walking incline on the treadmill or jogging just 15 to 20 minutes of cardio to burn some calories and remember to start low and build up we don't want any injury’s in January
  • Weights - Now no matter your goal weights are ideal both to tone and build muscle but also to burn calories. Weights can be put into two groups a push or a pull movement
The best starting point is to use machines then when you have the movement perfected then can switch to free weighted.

Simplified Muscle Groups

Different machines and different movements target specific muscle groups. Here is a simple list of what muscle group is targeted in a few different exercises: Lat pull down (Back) Chest Press (Chest) Bicep curl machine (or dumbbell curl) Tricep extension machine (or press up) Leg press (Legs) Leg curl (Legs)   All gyms will have these machines and an easy starting point is to do 3 sets of 8 reps on each with a short rest between. Start light and gradually increase the weight and the reps up to 12. After a few weeks of these you will be more than ready to tackle the free weighted progressions for these and it is a case of learning to walk before we run.

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