Ultimate Leg Day Training

Joseph Marshall

Ultimate Leg Day Training

Ultimate Leg Day Training

Legs you say? Where are they located again? Squat rack, don’t you mean curl rack? Most people only train 50% of their bodies and everyone has witnessed a top heavy guy at the gym, all chest no quads.

Training legs is the most important body part by a long way. It not only stops you from looking ridiculous, but it also helps to build muscle all over as squats and other big compound moves help release more testosterone. So a set of 10 squats for 4 rounds will boost your testosterone levels, more testosterone equals more muscles, so by training your chicken legs you can boost your bench press and gun show.

Burning fat with squats? No this can’t be true, can it? Doing heavy weight based training can help spike your metabolic rate and it will keep burning for hours afterwards so ditch the treadmill and get on the squat rack.

The biggest and most important reason to train legs is ………….summer time!!! There’s no point in walking down the beach topless if you have two little chicken legs popping out of your shorts is there. There is nothing more ridiculous than a guy benching 150kg then standing up and having stick legs, sort it out guys.

Below I have laid out the best exercises for legs and some variations;


It's important to ensure your squats are as deep as possible!! So ass to grass or else there is no point in doing them.

Feet shoulder width apart, with a barbell on your back then sit down keeping your knees back behind your toes then press back up and repeat, simple!!!

Alterations to a squat – Front squat (barbell resting on your shoulders and arms) Split squats (One leg on a bench, one leg out in front) squat jumps (bodyweight squat down then jump as high as possible)


Starting with your feet together step forward, dip your rear leg, step back and repeat

Alterations to a lunge – Jumping Lunge, Transverse Lunge (lunge to the sides) Walking lunges (grab two dumbbells and walking across the gym doing lunges

Stiff leg deadlifts

Similar to a normal deadlift but as the name suggests keep your legs straight (with a slight bend) raise and lower the bar this will hit the back of your legs.

Calf raises

Now no matter how many of these you do your calf’s will not grow for months so you need to keep doing these over and over again.

Some gyms have calf machines some don’t, if your gym has one then jump on there, if not there are several alternatives below.

Barbell calf raise – with a barbell on your back, go up onto your toes hold them back down, this can also be done on a step so that there is a up and down motion to really hit your calf

Single leg calf raise – the same as the barbell calf raise except you do one leg at a time and instead of a barbell hold a plate or a dumbbell in the hand on the side you're doing the calf raise.

Stair climb calf raise – while walking up a set of stairs and on each step perform a calf raise this can be done as a daily routine each time you go upstairs.

Now these are the basics for a good leg day and below I have combined them into a workout

Workout 1

Squats 4x10 – on the 4th set do as many as possible, then drop the weight and rep out

Deadlift 3x10 slow and steady so you feel the burn deep in the muscles

Lunges 3x10

Calf raises 10x10

Give these exercise and comment on your favourite leg exercise

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