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Unlock a 25% GoNutrition discount

As discussed in the blog post of Early Register Benefits, we are going to give everyone who registers before launch a GoNutrition discount code of up to 25% off their first order. The more people that register, the more discount we can give. So as a quick "heads up", we are currently have somewhere in-between 1,000 and 5,000 registered people, so therefore the discount is currently at 15%. However, there is still a few months before go live so there is plenty of time to push that to the maximum threshold of 25%! So, in short, please tell anyone you may feel is interested in top quality supplements to register at the following link: http://www.gonutrition.com/

How to unlock the 25% GoNutrition discount code

Since we need to reach 15,000 sign-ups to unlock the 25% discount, we need your help in getting some extra ones. Here are just a few ideas on how you can share, and secure yourself and others a bigger GoNutrition discount at launch:
  • Tell your gym mates and training partners
  • Email your friends
  • Post on your Facebook wall
  • Tweet about us to your followers
  • Post about us on your favourite forum
Your early support is very much appreciated. Oliver
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