Blog: Vitamin C Powder Benefits

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Blog: Vitamin C Powder Benefits|Vitamin C Powder Benefits: You can add it to your shake|Vitamin C also comes in powder form...

Blog: Vitamin C Powder Benefits|Vitamin C Powder Benefits: You can add it to your shake|Vitamin C also comes in powder form...

What’s the first image/thought that pops into your head when you think of Vitamin C? I bet I can have a pretty close guess…Oranges? Lemons? Limes? Scurvy? Pirates? As the old fashioned fact goes, pirates and sailors would take limes onboard their ships to stop the onslaught of scurvy attacking the shipmates. However, did you know how important Vitamin C is to everyday life and bodybuilding training? Carry on reading and you’ll soon find out the full length of vitamin C powder benefits. Before I began researching Vitamin C I really wasn’t aware of its benefits, so I found myself surprised at how much this nutrient can provide to your body and help achieve training goals. I originally believed it simply kept the common cold away! How wrong was I? Below, I’m sharing all the facts about this diverse nutrient and how it can help you.

Vitamin C Powder Benefits: The Hardcore Facts of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid is a water-soluble nutrient found in certain foods. These foods include citric fruits but also papaya, bell peppers and broccoli, which contain very high amounts of Vitamin C – some of the best available from a food source!

Key Functions Provided by Vitamin C – What you need to know!

  • Immune Boosting Antioxidant
  • Maintaining & repairing your connective tissue in muscles
  • Protects cells from damage caused by Free Radicals *
  • Helps create Collagen **
  • Improves absorption of Iron intake
  • Can help with blood pressure by strengthening artery walls
*In case some of you haven’t heard of Free Radicals before, these are compounds we eat in different types of foods that are then turned into energy for intensive exercises, which causes oxidative damage, this can affect different health conditions. Vitamin C can boost immune function and speed recovery **Collagen is a protein, which is formed by the consumption of Vitamin C, and is found in your skin, tendons and ligaments. It also helps heal wounds around the body. [caption id="attachment_3080" align="alignnone" width="650"]Vitamin C Powder Benefits: You can add it to your shake Vitamin C Powder Benefits: You can add it to your shake[/caption]

Do you achieve to intake your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of Vitamin C?

As an essential nutrient, Vitamin C is required by the body for normal everyday functions. Vitamin C cannot be stored by the body and therefore requires a daily food source or supplement to maintain adequate levels for optimum functioning. So the facts are the RDA for adult men = 90mg per day Adult women = 75mg per day So for example, 100g of broccoli for all you green veg fans =89.2mg of Vitamin C. If you seem to struggle finding foods rich in Vitamin C, a supplement may be perfect for you! Have you ever thought about a Vitamin C supplement? My suggestion is a supplement powder from the highly recommended Go Nutrition, which uses the slogan ‘Go Further’, which is exactly what I have done using their products.

Where to get powder?

A premium Vitamin C Powder provided is an excellent and simple example of a daily supplement used to improve your everyday health and fitness. Only the finest quality ingredients and supplements are used ensuring the suppliers meet exacting standards before being approved for supply to you. Provided as a powder, it is as simple as 1,2,3. All you have to do is mix the recommended serving with 100ml water and you’ve got your daily dose of Vitamin C. No cooking or trips to the fridge required and much easier than trying to find different supermarkets/fruit stalls, or constantly eating lip curling lemons and limes! [caption id="attachment_3081" align="alignnone" width="576"]Vitamin C also comes in powder form... Vitamin C also comes in powder form...[/caption]

How much Vitamin C does each serving contain?

Each packet contains 100% Vitamin C and every serving provides over 500mg which is 625% of your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance).

Vitamin C + Bodybuilding? Yes it can help!

Vitamin C is also a vital nutrient for bodybuilders and not just every day health. The added nutrient helps maintain and repair connective tissue which will improve muscle mass and recovery throughout training. Bet you didn’t know that? I hope that this has changed your view on Vitamin C and highlighted its importance, impact and value to daily life and health, as well as achieving your bodybuilding goals if that’s the case. To summarise, Vitamin C doesn’t only banish the common cold!

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