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  We've just launched Volt™ - our exciting new pre work supplement. It's based on a potent and scientifically-driven pre workout formula packed with 12 advanced active ingredients. These work in synergy to increase muscular pump, energy and mental focus, enabling you to achieve the ultimate workout and maximise your lean muscle, power and strength gains.

What's in your Volt™ pre workout supplement?

Volt™ is made up of three advanced blends each which contributes to increasing a different aspect of physical performance: GN™ Vascularity & Pump Enhancer - provides 3g of Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate and 1.8g of Citrulline Malate which work synergistically to enhance nitric oxide production, increasing vascularity and blood-flow to vital organs and working muscles. GN™ Power & Strength Matrix - includes 5g of the premium Creapure® creatine monohydrate, 2.5g of  L Taurine and 1.8g of Beta Alanine, which work to increase maximal effort and reduce muscular fatigue. GN™ Energy & Focus Intensifier - delivers a powerful blend of stimulants, vitamins and extracts which boost energy levels and enhance focus, to ensure peak performance.

Why choose Volt™?

No proprietary blends - Unlike competitor products which use proprietary blends to hide the fact they are using low levels of premium ingredients, GoNutrition™ is the first sports nutrition company to fully declare levels of all active ingredients in its formulas. Higher levels of key actives - Volt™ has been formulated to provide higher levels of key actives, such as Creapure®, Taurine, Beta Alanine and Tyrosine; than the closest competitor products. Unique ingredients - Volt™ contains unique pre-workout ingredients, such as Yerba Mate, that aren’t found in competitor products. Yerba mate is a popular caffeine containing South American tea. It is a powerful antioxidant that contains flavonoids, saponins and chlorogenic acid. A great taste - We have worked tirelessly to ensure that Volt™ is not only the most affect pre-workout formula, but also tastes great. Unlike most pre-workout formulas which fail to impress in the flavour department, Volt™ offers a refreshing pre-workout kick.

How much is Volt™?

GoNutrition™ quality pre workout formula is just £13.99 for 250g. Get yours here: gonutrition/volt. Please do let us know what you think of our new pre workout supplement - we'd love to hear what you think.

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