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Oliver Cookson



  What is coming up from GoNutrition? This is a question that I have been asked a few times now, so I thought it would be useful to give a sneak preview of what to expect over the coming weeks. In no particular order:

The Myprotein ® story

I am going to give the Myprotein ® story directly from myself. Nothing like "from the horses mouth". To be clear, I am not going to be slating anyone or giving away confidential information, but I want to give an insight into how I came up with the idea, what I did to grow the business and my thought process around selling as well as few funny stories in-between... I get asked tonnes of questions, 80% of them the same, so this will be a great platform to answer them as honestly as I can. This may be of interest to some and some others couldn't give a monkey's, but hopefully it will be an interesting read for the majority and inspirational to some! I will keep it light and punchy!

What will make™ great?

So what are we all about? What makes us different? Why would you want to shop with us? All these questions and more will be answered in a series of blog posts. I have some very strong  core values on which I believe a consumer business should be built on. I will explain our philosophy, the GoNutrition™ way of doing things, our values in short!

Our products

Obviously our products are key! We have some very exciting products and flavours to bring you and we can't wait to tell you...

How much will we cost?

I appreciate cost is a key buying decision for many and we give you a preview of ours prices. We are working very hard to ensure we offer the best value products we can without compromising quality. Something I have never done previously or would never do!

Preview of our packaging

The blog will be the first place we preview our packaging!  With Myprotein ® I brought the "pouch" to the online space in 2008-009 and nearly everyone now uses the pouches in the UK. I think there is a "next step". Innovation is key and something that is key for me. Not saying any more yet, but watch this space...

Latest news

I want to keep everyone updated on how things are progressing at GoNutrition™ HQ. That could be new members in our team,  a look in our warehouse or information about our production facility. We want to be 100% transparent and I will do my very best to do that. There are other items as well which I want to keep under my hat for now, but please keep checking back and I will keep you updated.

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