The cornerstones of GoNutrition™

Oliver Cookson

It's a question that has been asked since I told everyone I was launching a new sports nutrition brand. "What is going to be different about it?" Well, that's a very good question and not something I will answer in one post (we need to keep our cards close to our chest at the moment), but I will hopefully start the ball rolling.

The cornerstones of GoNutrition™

There was a cliché around "building houses on foundations made from sand"? Well for me, it's true. I believe anything you build needs solid foundations. This is the same for a house or a business. GoNutrition™ will be no different, we have some robust values that I have believed in for many years and will continue to believe in forever. All of our values are built for one purpose only; the "customer". That is the fundamental value central to everything we do. If it doesn't improve the customer experience in one way or another then its not something we will run with. So what drives this? Our four cornerstones:
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Innovation
  • Results
Over the coming weeks I will drill down on each of these values and be more specific on what we are going to do in each of these areas to surpass what is currently available in the market today. Best regards, Oliver

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