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GoNutrition® is proud to announce the launch of sports nutrition's first Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix. This easy to make ice cream is an excellent high protein treat and provides over 47g of whey protein per serving.

What is Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix?

We have developed sports nutrition's first Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix. This unique blend of premium whey protein concentrate, milk powder and ice cream emulsifiers mixes with skimmed milk to make an ice cream mix just like the ones used by ice cream manufacturers, only high in protein and lower in sugars and fats.

Just how easy is it to make Whey Protein Ice Cream at home?

Making Whey Protein Ice Cream is really simple. Just add 60g of Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix (two large scoops) to 190ml of skimmed milk in your blender bottle and shake for 30-60 seconds. Then pour into a tub or bowl and pop it in the freezer for approximately four hours. If possible we recommend stirring every 1-2 hours. If you do leave the ice cream in the freezer overnight it can become hard and sorbet like, so you just need to let it soften for a few minutes before you eat. Alternatively, and for best results, you can make Whey Protein Ice Cream in an ice cream maker.

Does Whey Protein Ice Cream taste as good as normal ice cream?

Whey Protein Ice Cream tastes great and is smooth, rich and creamy just like a normal ice cream. We have launched it in a traditional strawberry flavour and are already hard at work on some new exciting flavours.

Is Whey Protein Ice Cream better than a protein shake?

Whey Protein Ice Cream contains 47g of whey protein in every 250ml serving. This makes it the equivalent of a 60g serving of 80% whey protein concentrate. In terms of quality Whey Protein Ice Cream is produced with exactly the same premium whey protein concentrate that goes into our GN Whey Protein 80™, so you can expect just the same benefits from Whey Protein Ice Cream that you would get from a whey protein shake.

Should I have Whey Protein Ice Cream instead of protein shakes?

Whey Protein Ice Cream has not been developed to permanently replace your protein shakes; after all it could never match a protein shake in terms of convenience. As we all know protein shakes can become monotonous, especially when you're approaching the bottom of a 5kg bag, this is where Whey Protein Ice Cream mix is ideal as an occasional treat between meals or as a dessert.

How does Protein Ice Cream compare to normal ice cream?

Not only is GoNutrition® Whey Protein Ice Cream high in protein it is also much lower in fats and carbohydrates than a standard ice cream. Each 250ml contains only 4g of fats and there are no added sugars, only natural milk sugars.
250ml best-selling ice cream 250ml Whey Protein Ice Cream
Protein 4g 47g
Carbohydrates 25g 18g
Sugar 23g 18g
Fats 10g 4g
Saturated fats 6g 3g
GoNutrition® Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix is available now in 600g (10 serving) and 1.2kg (2 serving) pouches from £1.39 per serving.

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