Whey Protein Porridge and its benefits

Jamie Norman

Whey Protein Porridge and its benefits|Whey Protein Porridge gave numerous benefits to this writer...

Whey Protein Porridge and its benefits|Whey Protein Porridge gave numerous benefits to this writer...

The benefits of Whey Protein Porridge

I’ve always been one of those lucky people who could eat whatever they wanted and still stay pretty lean. Or at least until I hit 30 when it started to catch up with me. It was this point I started to look more closely at my diet. Now most things were pretty straightforward and simply a case of making more sensible choices for meals but I really struggled with breakfast... Raised on sweet cereals this was one of the hardest habits to break. Plus I thought the granola I was eating was a ‘healthy’ choice. Until I started to get more serious about my diet and realised how much sugar gets added to this stuff, and that’s not to mention the palm oil and a host of other unpronounceables! Breakfast was the hardest meal to crack. Anything meat or veg based for breakfast just didn’t do it for me and with little time in the mornings to prep, not practical either. The same goes for any egg based/omelette concoctions. I’m a big believer in changing as little as possible in order to make a difference whether that’s diet or training. By this I mean why try and change everything and make life difficult for yourself when you can make lots of small changes over time which are much more manageable? You’d be amazed by this approach how much you can change in even a short period of time. Which brings me to the discovery of whey protein porridge. A minimal change to my morning routine but a huge difference to my daily one in many ways. [caption id="attachment_3146" align="alignnone" width="650"]Whey Protein Porridge gave numerous benefits to this writer... Whey Protein Porridge gave numerous benefits to this writer...[/caption] Whey protein porridge has given me FOUR key benefits:
  1. Low GI start to the day The steady release of low GI carbs sets me up for the day. The gradual release and beta glucans mean I don’t have the insulin drop a few hours afterwards leading to snacking later on and getting into a bad cycle throughout the day. This makes it much easier to stay on plan.
  2. Protein! Getting a good, measured portion of protein in the whey protein porridge means I start the day off getting toward my daily protein target and a filling meal too.
  3. Time With minimal faffing about I can just throw it in the microwave and it’s done. This is perfect for me not having much time in the mornings.
  4. A great back up plan I’ve found whey protein porridge also make a great ‘emergency meal’ should I need it. As much as I try to plan my meals sometimes circumstances just get in the way. So to have a serving stored in a small Tupperware means I always have a meal to hand.
I know I’m on to a winner when something that is helping my training has become a habit. So I’m really pleased I’ve been able to replace one negative habit with such a positive one. Oh, and the fact it tastes good is the icing on the cake. YOUR VIEW: Do you like whey protein porridge or are you a regular consumer of this tasty breakfast meal? COMMENT below and share your views!

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