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  After the fantastic feedback we got from revealing our SQ Pouch™ yesterday and listening to your feedback on everyone wanting to try our samples right away we thought it was time to enable you to pre-order your Go Whey Protein 80™ samples today. Our whey protein samples will be ready by the 19th of July and we will dispatch on a first-come-first-served basis. We only have limited volume prior to launch, but we'll have plenty more afterwards.

How to get your whey protein samples

We will be selling our Go Whey Protein 80™ whey protein samples as a multi-flavoured sample pack of all six launch flavours, which gives you the opportunity to try them all and see which flavours you like best. The launch flavours are: Triple Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberries & Whipped Cream, Sweet Banana, Maple Syrup & Pancake and Turkish Delight. We'll be introducing new whey protein flavours after we launch.

What is Go Whey Protein 80™?

Go Whey Protein 80™ is an ultra premium quality 80% undenatured whey protein concentrate providing an unrivalled combination of taste, value and results. It uses only 100% natural flavours and colourings.

How much are the whey protein samples?

The price is only £4.99. For that you get 6 x 25g samples (one of each flavour). Before launch, we'll be providing FREE delivery to anywhere in the UK, which equates to a price of only 83p per sample delivered.

How can I order my whey protein samples?

Prior to launch, ordering is  via PayPal which is very quick and secure. Paypal accepts any type of credit or debit card and you don't need a PayPal account. Just click the button below and follow the instructions. Please ensure you add your postal address and also your email in the notes. [Update: Now that we've launched you can buy whey protein samples directly from GoNutrition.]

Pre-launch whey protein samples

The small print
  • We can only accept orders via PayPal.
  • We're sorry, but we can't sell single samples or swap any flavours for our pre-launch samples. This offer is only for the sample pack of all six flavours.
  • Availability is limited. Orders will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. Any orders we can't process we will process a full refund within 1 working day.
  • We can only currently accept one order per household for the pre-launch samples.
  • Samples will be delivered in a heat sealed sample pack and not the new pouches. They are not available until launch.
  • The samples will be produced by the 19th of July. This is a pre-order.  Delivery will take up to 1-4 working days, however the earlier you order the earlier they will be delivered.
  • Offer only open to the UK.

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