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  • July 25 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    The first Go Whey Protein 80 reviews

      The first Go Whey Protein 80 reviews are amazing I wanted to share some of the feedback with you we have received via our social channels (Facebook, Twitter etc). Please read a few of the comments from our first Go Whey Protein 80 reviews below: "Loved the flavours" "WOW! Tastes fantastic, mixed really well with no lumps. 10/10" "Possibly...

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  • customer-service.0822.12-470x333-300x212

    July 22 2013 – GoNutrition

    The GoNutrition customer service team

      Here on the GoNutrition customer service team we like to do things a bit differently, and we want to deliver exceptional customer service at all times. Our aim is to make your life easier, to ensure you get the best out of our products and website, and achieve the results you are working and training hard for. The GoNutrition customer...

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  • goprotein_gowheyprotein80_500g_1-300x300

    July 11 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    Whey protein samples available now

      After the fantastic feedback we got from revealing our SQ Pouch™ yesterday and listening to your feedback on everyone wanting to try our samples right away we thought it was time to enable you to pre-order your Go Whey Protein 80™ samples today. Our whey protein samples will be ready by the 19th of July and we will dispatch on a...

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  • sqpouch-300x300

    July 08 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    Introducing the SQ Pouch ™

      The GN ™ SQ Pouch ™ During my time at Myprotein ®, we were the first sports nutrition brand to completely replace the traditional plastic tubs with flexible pouches way back in around 2008. Still the same pouch is used today and very little has moved on in five years. As packaging is key for usability, and also showcases...

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