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A focus on our product quality

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Our launch range of protein shake flavours

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  • June 22 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    GoNutrition samples now in

    The GoNutrition samples are now in One word: Wow! The new GoNutrition samples are now in and the flavours really are out of this world. The guys in NPD (new product development) have done an amazing job. We appreciate that enjoying your shakes is an important factor, so we have worked very hard to ensure our flavours are unique, innovative...

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    June 21 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    GoNutrition production facility nears completion

      I am delighted to say that the GoNutrition production facility is now 90% complete and will be completed within the next 10 days. Once completed we will start producing our launch range, including our pre-launch whey protein samples. We have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into the facility to make it leading edge and future proofed for large volumes....

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  • May 17 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    Unlock a 25% GoNutrition discount

    As discussed in the blog post of Early Register Benefits, we are going to give everyone who registers before launch a GoNutrition discount code of up to 25% off their first order. The more people that register, the more discount we can give. So as a quick "heads up", we are currently have somewhere in-between 1,000 and 5,000 registered people, so therefore the discount...

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    May 10 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    Get a FREE GoNutrition shaker

      Literally, hot off the mould yesterday was the first GoNutrition Shaker. Nothing revolutionary about it, but it is a leak-proof, dishwasher safe and very robust  600ml shaker from a very trusted supplier I have worked with for many years. In fact, I was the first person to bring this "blender bottle" in to the UK  and now its been used...

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