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GoNutrition launch date announced...

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When is GoNutrition launching?

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  • Go_Nutrition_logo1-300x99

    April 17 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    Inside the GoNutrition™ brand

      We spent a long time thinking about the look and feel of the logo for GoNutrition™. We wanted something that stood out, but also meant something as well. We feel the blood orange colour is bold and vibrant and whilst the angle of our logo makes our logo feel full of energy - just how we want to be known!...

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  • April 11 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    Come and join GoNutrition on social media

    Engaging and interacting with customers has always been and always will be essential for me. It's something I enjoy and also believe is imperative to understanding the good bits and bad bits of the business. It's just got much easier over the last five years with the explosion of social media. This ethos will be no different with  GoNutrition, in...

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  • oliver-myprotein3-530x352

    April 05 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    Life before Myprotein ® – part two

    Another question that I get asked a lot is "do I feel an entrepreneur is born?" My answer is simply "no". I believe an entrepreneur is not born, but moulded by their environment, with circumstance and surroundings instilling the essential characteristics to be successful. Like many entrepreneurs I am driven by independence and supported by varying degrees of knowledge, executive skills and...

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  • April 03 2013 – Oliver Cookson

    The cornerstones of GoNutrition™

    It's a question that has been asked since I told everyone I was launching a new sports nutrition brand. "What is going to be different about it?" Well, that's a very good question and not something I will answer in one post (we need to keep our cards close to our chest at the moment), but I will hopefully start...

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