Liquid Chalk

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  • Enhance Grip Strength
  • Reduce Sweating
  • Improve Lifting Performance
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Why should I use Liquid Chalk?

Liquid Chalk is a fantastic choice to help improve grip and is a great alternative to powdered chalk, which can often cover clothing and equipment. Liquid Chalk is ideal for use on hands or feet, eliminating sweat and increasing grip strength which can often be the reason that heavy lifts fail. Liquid Chalk is perfect for deadlifts, Olympic lifts, gymnastics and climbing making it the ideal accessories to improve your training performance.

How should I use Liquid Chalk when training?

Liquid Chalk is extremely simple to use, and without any of the mess associated with blocks or powdered chalk, which many gyms won't let you use. Simply apply a small Liquid Chalk to surface of palms and rub in until dry. Then perform your lift. After use, make sure you wash off with warm soap water

Additional Info

Additional Information
Suggested Use

Shake well before use. Apply to skin surface and allow to dry. After use wash off with warm soapy water.

Ensure lid is replaced immediately after use to prevent contents drying out. For use on unbroken skin only. Do Not take internally.

Test Liquid Chalk on a small amount of skin before first time use. If adverse reactions occur, discontinue use and seek medical advice.


Why is liquid chalk better than powdered chalk?

Liquid chalk offers all the same benefits to grip as powdered chalk, without any of the mess and inconvenience involved. Only a small amount of liquid chalk is required to enhance grip.


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