Weight Mass | 2.17kg

Flavour | Strawberry


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  • Product Description

      MUSCLE MEAL MASS is a delicious meal replacement shake delivering a balanced high protein, high carb and high calorie muscle gain meal to support a mass gain eating and training programme.

      This protein-based supplement supplies additional fats and carbohydrates for a quick, convenient meal in an easy to mix, great tasting shake.

      Our nutritionally rich and balanced high calorie shake can be used alongside a muscle gain training and eating plan. With a near 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio (92g carbs, 48g protein), we’ve included top-quality GRS 9-Hour® protein with a blend of fast and slow complex carbs – a truly awesome solution for anyone looking to build lean muscle.

      But that’s not all. We’ve even added a premium Vit-MX-Sport™ vitamin and mineral blend which supports your immune system. The inclusion of 100mg and digestive enzymes is a welcome addition for those on a high calorie, high volume diet to help prevent digestive discomfort. With 597 calories per serving together with fast, medium and slow-release proteins, our first-class weight gainer continually delivers carbs and amino acids to muscles for up to nine hours.

      Not only that, this supplement offers maximum metabolic support, providing optimum levels of magnesium, calcium and iron, all of which contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism while vitamin B6 and B12 help to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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