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Flavour | Strawberry


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      Packed with added diet support ingredients, DIET MEAL REPLACEMENT can aid your weight loss goals and is available in three delicious flavours; chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Our scientifically balanced, high protein meal replacement drink contains added green tea and VIT-MX Trim vitamins and minerals to help support your diet – so you’re not just replacing meals with a shake, you’re replacing meals with a high protein shake together with a comprehensive blend of ingredients including pantothenic acid, chromium and biotin contributing to the normal maintenance of muscle function, synthesis and metabolism of hormones, metabolism of macronutrients, maintenance of normal blood sugar levels, and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

      Our nutrient-dense meal replacement shake is designed to contribute to weight loss and contains 25g protein, only 200 calories as well as 1g linoleic acid.

      Loaded with carefully considered ratios of protein, carbs and calories, DIET MEAL REPLACEMENT is designed to leave you feeling full and to stoke you up for hours.

      With only 200 calories per 54-gram serving it’s an excellent choice for replacing higher calorie meals without restricting your essential nutrients.

      What’s more, it’s packed with 31% of your RDA of iodine which helps contribute to healthy thyroid function. The inclusion of folic acid and niacin can help prevent tiredness or fatigue which often occurs when dieting. Even better? It’s deliciously moreish and makes a brilliant between-meal-treat to kerb those cravings.

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