iBCAA 8:1:1

Our most advanced BCAA formula with a superior ratio of leucine in a ground-breaking 8:1:1 ratio

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  • Support lean muscle growth & recovery
  • Ground-breaking 8:1:1 BCAA ratio
  • Prevents muscle breakdown

Size | 500g

Flavour | Unflavoured


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  • Product Description

      What is iBCAA 8:1:1?

      iBCAA 8:1:1 is our most advanced branched chain amino acid to date. iBCAA 8:1:1 contains the three branch chain amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in a ground-breaking 8:1:1 ratio. This blend has been expertly developed by our in-house nutritionists to deliver a far superior amount of Leucine. Unlike most BCAA supplements, our iBCAA 8:1:1 provides a whopping 4g of leucine per serving.

      Leucine is arguably the most important amino acid for muscle growth and development. Studies suggest leucine is the key trigger for the synthesis and preservation of muscle. By increasing the leucine quantity in our this BCAA product you're receiving a greater amount per serving to provide your body.

      What are the performance benefits of BCAA's?

      BCAA's are renowned for their role in supporting the growth and preservation of muscle tissue, however they have an abundance of lesser known benefits too. They are metabolised directly in the skeletal muscle and have been shown to regulate muscle protein synthesis and muscle recovery. This is particularly important during intense exercise as muscle cells can begin to break down.

      In simple terms, adding iBCAA 8:1:1 could be key to suppressing the breakdown of muscle tissue associated with intense exercise, and therefore avoids you throwing away all those hard hours in the gym.

      How are our iBCAA's instantised?

      Our new iBCAA 8:1:1 is instantised with a small amount of soy lecithin, making it fully dissolvable in water. This makes them much more palatable, easier to drink and ideal for adding to any pre, post or intra workout shakes.

      Who should use this product?

      BCAA preserves/increases lean body mass. Anyone looking increase and/or preserve muscle mass should use this product. iBCAA 8:1:1 is suitable for all ages.

      What goes well with iBCAA?

      iBCAA 8:1:1 can be used as a pre-workout shake. Should you use it this way, why not include 5g of our Creatine Monohydrate or Taurine to increase mental focus and muscular strength.

      iBCAA 8:1:1 can also be consumed post workout with 25g of Whey Protein 80. A number of studies have suggested that combining whey protein and leucine postworkout can have beneficial effects on the growth and development of muscle tissue, more so than whey protein alone.

  • Nutritional Info
    • Typical values per 100g
      • Energy:1674 kJ
      • Energy:400 kcal
      • Fat:trace
      • of which saturates:trace
      • Carbohydrates:trace
      • of which sugars:trace
      • Protein (Dry Basis):100g
      • Protein (As-is):100g
      • Salt:trace
      Typical values per 5g
      • Energy:83.7 kJ
      • Energy:20 kcal
      • Fat:trace
      • of which saturates:trace
      • Carbohydrates:trace
      • of which sugars:trace
      • Protein (Dry Basis):5g
      • Protein (As-is):5g
      • Salt:trace
      Amino acid profile per 5g serving:
      • Leucine:4g
      • Isoleucine:0.5g
      • Valine:0.5g

  • Additional Info
    • Ingredients

      iBCAA 2:1:1 (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine), Instant Leucine, Natural Flavouring (Fizzy Raspberry flavour only), Natural Colour (Citric acid and E163 [Fizzy Raspberry flavour only]) Instantising Agent (Soy Lecithin), Sweetener (Sucralose [Flavoured Varieties Only])

      Suggested Use

      Add two level medium scoops (5g) to 100ml of water in your GN™ Blender Bottle. Shake and consume immediately. Alternatively you can mix with your favourite juice to improve taste.

  • Q&A
    • Who should take BCAAs?

      BCAAs should be taken by anyone who is involved in intense training. Whether your goal is lean muscle gain or fat loss, using this advanced Branched Chain Amino Acid powder is a great way to boost recovery and lean muscle growth with minimal calorific impact.

      When should I take BCAAs?

      BCAAs can be taken any time of day. We particularly recommend Branched Chain Amino Acid powder before, during and after training, you can also add them to your pre workout drink to improve energy intake and post protein shake to boost the amino acid content.

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