Pure Mass® - Short Dated

Pure Mass® weight gainer is a high calorie weight gain formula designed to help strength and gym goers build their mass and increase their size and strength.

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  • Over 450 kcal per serving
  • Over 43g of high quality protein per serving
  • Ideal for bulking

Size | 5kg

Flavour | Strawberries & Cream


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  • Product Description

      Short-dated - Best Before 08/21

      What is Pure Mass® weight gainer?

      Pure Mass® weight gainer is a high calorie weight gain formula designed to help strength and gym goers build their mass and increase their size and strength. Each serving provides a whopping 450 calories and provides 43g of protein, making it one of the leading weight gainers on the market. Pure Mass® mass gainer is ideal for anyone who is training to bulk up and increase their strength and size. Pure Mass® is ideal as a post workout recovery shake or in between meals to add quality calories to your diet.

      How does Pure Mass® work and what's in it?

      In order for muscles to repair and grow a calorie surplus and high protein diet are required. For most this can be difficult to achieve through foods alone. This is where Pure Mass® makes the ideal addition to your diet and training programme. We have included an advanced, sustained release protein blend of fast acting whey protein concentrate, medium release egg white protein and ultra slow releasing micellar casein, to provide a massive 43g of protein per serving. This unique protein blend keeps muscles fuelled with the vital amino acids required to repair and grow, for up to seven hours. We have added 5g of the amino acid glutamic acid which promotes protein synthesis and glycogen replenishment to aid growth and recovery.

      What about carbs and fats?

      Pure Mass® includes 49g of premium quality carbohydrates, from 3 individual sources. We have included fast acting waxy maize starch and maltodextrin to increase nutrient delivery and glycogen replenishment post workout, alongside low GI pure fine oats to provide a quality slow release energy source. Yep, we have also included 5g of flax seed powder and 4.5g of Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) healthy fatty acids. Flax seed powder provides omega 3 in the form of alpha linolenic acid (ALA) whilst MCTs are used directly as energy and not stored as fat.

      How should I use Pure Mass®?

      We recommend 1-3 115g servings a day. Add three large scoops of Pure Mass® to 600-700ml of water and or milk and shake until blended. We've thrown in a free large GN™ Scoop to help you get the serving size right. Pure Mass® currently comes in five great flavours: Jammie Biscuit, Maple Syrup and Pancake, Rhubarb and Custard Sweets, Strawberries and Whipped Cream, Triple Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream. You can make the flavour stronger or weaker by adding more or less water when you're mixing your shake.

      How good is Pure Mass®?

      With over 43g of protein per serving Pure Mass® provides higher levels of protein than any competitor weight gainer on the market. Unlike competitor products which use proprietary blends to hide the fact they are using low levels of premium ingredients, GoNutrition™ is the first sports nutrition company to fully declare levels of all active ingredients in its formulas, including their percentage inclusions. The majority of weight gainer protein blends use milk protein concentrate (MPC) as the primary ‘slow release’ source. MPC is in fact made up of 80% Casein and 20% Whey meaning formulas can be left heavy on the fast release side. We have used the premium, pure casein protein Micellar Casein to ensure an ultra-slow release which fuels muscles with amino acids for up to 7 hours. Unlike most weight gain formulas which avoid using quality ingredients to keep costs down, we have included 5g of the premium grade amino acid glutamic acid, to promote recovery.

      How is it made?

      As with all our premium formulas, Pure Mass® is developed by our in-house team using the latest nutritional research. All our ingredients are sourced direct from leading European suppliers and must pass our rigorous checks before they are blended, packed and sealed in our industry leading production facility. We perform regular spot-checks and independent product testing to ensure the product you receive is of the highest standards.

      What goes well with Pure Mass?

      When looking to gain size and strength we would recommend Volt pre workout to ensure you get the most from your training sessions. We would also recommend a t booster such as Tribulus XS and ZMA zinc and magnesium recovery formula which can also increase natural testosterone production.

  • Nutritional Info
    • Typical values per 100g:
      • Energy:1646 kJ
      • Energy:393 kcal
      • Fat:7.5g
      • of which saturates:4.5g
      • Carbohydrates:42.9g
      • of which sugars:27.3g
      • Protein (dry basis):38.8g
      • Protein (as-is):37.5g
      • Salt:0.05g
      Per 115g Serving
      • Energy:1891 kJ
      • Energy:452 kcal
      • Fat:8.6g
      • of which saturates:5.1g
      • Carbohydrates:49.3g
      • of which sugars:31.4g
      • Protein (dry basis):44.6g
      • Protein (as-is):43.1g
      • Sodium:0.6g
      Also includes per 115g serving:
      • L Glutamine: 5g
      • Flax Seed: 5g
      • Medium Chain Triglyceride's: 4.5g

      Nutritional values are based on Strawberries & Whipped Cream version. For other flavour variants nutritional values may vary slightly.

  • Additional Info
    • Allergen Info

      For allergens see ingredients listed in bold.


      Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate 80% [25%] (Milk), Micellar Casein [10.5%] (Milk), Egg White Albumen [2%]), Carbohydrate Blend (Pure Fine Oats [20%], Maltodextrin [20%], Waxy Maize Starch [4.4%]), L Glutamine, Flax Seed Powder, Cocoa Powder (Triple Chocolate Flavour Only), Medium Chain Triglycerides, Natural Flavouring, Citric Acid, [Jammie Biscuit flavour only], Natural Colour (Beetroot Red [Strawberries & Whipped Cream, Rhubarb & Custard and Jammie Biscuit Flavour Only], Anthocyanin [Jammie Biscuit flavour only], Caramel [Maple Syrup & Pancake Flavour Only]), Sweetener (Sucralose®), Instantising Agent (Soy Lecithin).

      Percentages declared are for Strawberries & Whipped Cream flavour and may vary slightly depending on which flavour you choose.

      Suggested Use

      Add three large scoop (115g) to 600ml of water or milk in your GN™ Blender Bottle. Shake and consume immediately. Use less liquid for a thicker and stronger tasting shake. Use milk for a creamier tasting shake. Adjust to taste.

      We recommend 1-3 servings daily to add high quality calories to your diet.

      Large GN™ Scoop included.

  • Q&A
    • What are the benefits of using Pure Mass® Weight Gainer?

      Pure Mass® Weight Gainer will add high quality calories to diet, that won’t be stored as fat.

      Who should use Pure Mass® Weight Gainer?

      Anyone who is bulking should consider Pure Mass® Weight Gainer. It is a convenient and cost effective way to add high quality calories to your diet.

      How many servings of Pure Mass® Weight Gainer should I take?

      This is dependant on your calorie and macronutrient targets. We recommend 1-3 servings of Pure Mass® Weight Gainer daily to help you reach your requirements.

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