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Premium quality

"Premium quality" is a claim that most brands throw around all too easily. The difference with GoNutrition® is that we are able to substantiate this claim, as premium quality is evident in everything we do.

From the products themselves, through to the website and packaging, everything has been designed with quality in mind. When it comes to quality, GoNutrition® unquestionably raises the bar. 

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

In January 2017, we became only the second UK sports nutrition brand to be GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) accredited. GMP is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

This has meant significant investment in our facilities and processes, but one we think is crucial to keeping our promise on unrivalled quality for our customers. Let's call this our way of putting our money where our mouth is - where other brands rely on "hot air". If you're current supplier isn't GMP accredited, we urge you to challenge them and question why.

GoNutrition products are premium quality
Product quality

The finest quality ingredients

To become a GoNutrition® accredited supplier you must pass a rigorous quality test. If a supplier cannot guarantee the quality of their ingredients, we will not work them - it's that simple.

We know how important this is to customers and take it extremely seriously. Our previous industry experience certainly gives us an edge when it comes to selecting suppliers.

For further peace of mind, where applicable we will display an up to date and complete Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for each product.

Only natural flavours and colour

GoNutrition® products will only ever use natural flavours and colours. As customers ourselves, this is something we believe strongly in and also that is something potential customers look out for.

If you look carefully at the ingredients of many larger brands, you will be surprised to see that not all of them can make this claim.

The simple reason for this is profit: artificial flavours and colours are much cheaper.

Unbeatable product freshness

All GoNutrition® powder-based products are produced to the highest standard in our own on-site industry-leading manufacturing facility - something which very few brands in the market today are able to do. This means we can produce supplements to order, guaranteeing that you receive fresh products, and not stock that's been sitting on the shelves for months.

To ensure maximum freshness, GoNutrition® products are heat-sealed in foil pouches the moment they're packed, to keep the freshness locked in.

Our 30 day guarantee

At GoNutrition® we are so confident about the quality of our products (we use them too don't forget) that we have taken the decision to offer a 14 day money back guarantee, and a 30 day exchange guarantee if you don't like the taste.

We know you'll be happy with our products but we feel that this added assurance will make it even easier for customers to choose GoNutrition™. Some simple rules do apply to this, so please refer to the main terms and conditions for details.

Service quality

The best delivery boxes

We know that here is nothing worse than eagerly opening a box of supplements only to discover that they have been damaged in transit.

We use double-walled cardboard boxes as standard to ensure that your products arrive in the same condition as when they left our warehouse.

A reliable courier service

GoNutrition® offers you a best-in-class delivery service. Firstly, we subsidise all delivery costs to make shopping with us as economical as possible, and we provide free delivery on orders over £50.

If you choose our premium next day service, you will receive a text message confirming the time of delivery. If this is unsuitable, you can easily change it to a more suitable time.

We also recognise the importance of next day delivery so we have set our delivery cut off as late as possible. We also offer various other delivery options which suit your budget or preference.

Great customer service

Excellent customer service is something which is very close to our hearts.

At GoNutrition® we strive to provide customers with a "boutique" style of service that bigger, profit hungry brands cannot and will not offer.

There is nothing worse than dealing with someone who isn't helpful or doesn't understand your needs.

You can expect your queries to be dealt with quickly and efficiently by a knowledgeable, passionate member of our team.

Quantitative Ingredients Declarations

GoNutrition® formulas display a Quantitative Ingredients Declaration (or QUID). In other words, when it comes to ingredients, we offer complete transparency.

This means that you will get to see, for example, when looking at a product which contains Whey Protein Concentrate, you can see exactly how much is present.

Not many of our competitors do this and there is an obvious reason why. We have nothing to hide.

Quantitative Ingredients Declaration