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Organic Hemp Tea

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Our delicious Organic Tea has arrived.

What is Organic hemp tea?

Green and hemp tea is renowned around the world or being the 'superfood' equivalent hot beverage. Developed to our exact specifications by a world class bontaist. Our Organic Hemp Tea is the perfect excuse to ditch the coffee or tea and receive it's abundant health benefits.

What options are available?

Detox - After the heavy weekend or hard gym session. Perfect to help replenish energy stores and flush toxins from the body. This contains an infusion of phytocannabinoid rich hemp with the highest quality lemongrass, rosehip, orange peel and echinacea.

Trim and tone - Perfect for throughout the day or after that long session, helps reduce pain and inflammation and weight maintenance. This is an infusion of phytocannabinoid rich hemp with the highest quality green sencha combined with jasmin.

What benefits are associated with our organic hemp tea:

  • Green tea catechin benefits - Helps with weight management and regulation of blood sugar levels. This is also packed with antioxidant delivering powerful affects on the body
  • Cannidiol extract benefits - This extract is what provides the CBD in the teabag. Associated with decreased blood pressure and an improved blood flow.
  • Lemongrass - Linked to pain relief as an anti inflammatory. Perfect to help alleviate those muscle and joint pains. Rosehip - Naturally high in vitamin c. this antioxidant can reduce free radical activity build up inside the body after exercise. Vitamin C helps prevent cold and flu.
  • Jasmin
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