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Weight Capsules | 90 Caps

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      Looking to go the extra mile with your training? Need a little help to reach your physique goals? SHRED-X combines an exciting range of highly researched active ingredients like green tea and caffeine along with targeted ingredients to aid your weight loss journey.

      Newly reformulated SCI-MX SHRED-X is a vital part of our Diet & Tone range. Developed using the latest nutritional science, our legendary fat burner has been reformulated for the modern age, containing a highly dosed blend of evidence-based active ingredients to support those on a calorie-controlled diet.

      One month’s serving with 90 capsules in total, this high strength blend contains 8 active ingredients, including: 200mg caffeine, Biotin, Zinc, Chromium, a supercharged green tea extract, (doubled dosed 800mg and high potency extract) and adaptogens like Rhodiola and Tyrosine to help support your fat loss training goals and feel more comfortable in a calories-controlled diet.

      Our formulas are backed by research & science to ensure that whilst you're using our products, you're aiding your body with key ingredients to help support your all round health, well-being & fitness.

      Our Immune Booster can be used alongside all of the SCI-MX protein powders & in conjunction with other blends from our wellbeing range.

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