Volt Preworkout™

Advanced pre workout formula

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  • Potent Pre Workout Formula
  • Increase Energy, Focus & Muscular Pump
  • Contains Creatine, Caffeine, Taurine, AAKG & Citrulline Malate

Size | 250g

Flavour | Cola Charge


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  • Product Description

      What is Volt™?

      Our Volt pre workout formula includes 12 advanced active ingredients that work together to increase energy, mental focus and muscular pump. Volt enables you to achieve the ultimate workout so you can maximise your lean muscle, power and strength gains by training harder.

      Who should use Volt™ pre workout formula?

      Volt is ideal for those who want to push themselves further when they're working out. However, it's potent and has a high caffeine content. It shouldn't be taken by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women or if you're caffeine sensitive.

      What's in your Volt pre workout formula

      Our Volt pre workout formula comprises three main parts: the GN™ Vascularity and Pump Enhancer (based on AAKG and Citrulline Malate), the GN™ Power and Strength Matrix (based on creatine monohydrate, L Taurine and Beta Alanine) and the GN™ Energy and Focus Intensifier (based on caffeine and guarana extract). These two blends contribute to different aspects of improving your physical performance.

      What is the GN™ Vascularity and Pump Enhancer?

      The GN™ Vascularity and Pump Enhancer provides 2g of Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) and 4g of Citrulline Malate which work synergistically. Arginine is a direct precursor to the vasodilator Nitric Oxide and has the potential to increase nutrient delivery to the working muscles. This is often described as the 'pump' feeling associated with intense training. Citrulline Malate is also reputed to enhance nitric oxide production, as well as being an ergogenic aid in it’s own right. Studies have shown that supplementation with Citrulline Malate at increased doses can increase training intensity and total number of repetitions (Wax 2015).

      And the GN™ Power and Strength Matrix?

      Our GN ™ Power and Strength Matrix includes 5g of the premium creatine monohydrate, 2.5g of L Taurine and 3g of Beta Alanine, which work to increase maximal effort and reduce muscular fatigue and soreness. creatine monohydrate; is one of the most well researched supplements available on the market today, and has been shown many times to help increase power and strength during repeated, high intensity exercise. Daily supplementation with Beta alanine has been shown to increase carnosine production which is reputed to buffer lactic acid production to prevent the onset of 'the burn' and muscular fatigue (Trexler 2015). Finally, taurine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the working muscles and a popular ingredient in everything from over the counter energy drinks to powerful pre workout formulas such as Volt™. Supplementation with 2g Taurine per day has been shown to increase power whilst decreasing muscular levels of lactic acid and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) (da Silva 2014). Volt™ contains 2.5g Taurine per serving to help keep you pushing harder for longer.

      What is the GN™ Energy and Focus Intensifier?

      GN ™ Energy and Focus Intensifier delivers a powerful blend of stimulants, vitamins and extracts designed to boost energy levels and enhance focus to ensure peak performance. Volt™ provides 389mg of caffeine through pure caffeine anhydrous and guarana extract; combined with over 1400% RDA vitamin B6, 1g of tyrosine and 500mg each of glucuronolactone and carnitine, all of which have roles in normal cellular energy production. Caffeine can boost both physical and mental performance (Cruz, 2015) and has been shown in studies to increase power output during cardiovascular and resistance exercise (Lane 2013, Astorino 2010).Glucuronolactone is a metabolite of glucose commonly found in commercial energy drinks. This can increase energy, alertness and reduce reaction times.

      How should I use Volt™ pre workout?

      For an intermediate dose, add 12.5g (about four medium scoops) to 200ml of water and shake in your GN™ Blender. If you're an experienced user, you can try a higher dose based on 25g in 300-400ml of water.

      In what flavours is Volt™ available?

      Volt™ currently comes in two flavours - Berry Burst and Lemon and Lime. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that Volt™ is not only the most affect pre workout formula, but also tastes great. Unlike most pre workout formulas which fail to impress in the flavour department, Volt™ offers a refreshing pre workout kick.

      Why choose Volt™?

      We've used premium, tried and tested pre workout ingredients in a unique synergistic blend to ensure that Volt™ stands up to any pre workout formula on the market today. Unlike competitor products which use proprietary blends to hide the fact they are using low levels of premium ingredients, GoNutrition® is the first sports nutrition company to fully declare levels of all active ingredients in its formulas. Just check the Nutritional Info tab. Volt™ has been formulated to provide higher levels of key actives, such as creatine;, Taurine, Beta Alanine and Tyrosine; than the closest competitor products. Volt™ contains unique pre workout ingredients, such as guarana extract, that aren't found in competitor products. guarana extract is a popular caffeine. It is a powerful antioxidant that contains flavonoids, saponins and chlorogenic acid.

      How is Volt™ made?

      As with all our formulas, Volt™ has been carefully developed using scientifically backed ingredients, to produce a high quality and effective pre workout supplement. All our ingredients are sourced from a leading UK supplier, which has passed our stringent auditing process. Volt™ is manufactured on site at our industry leading production facility, before being carefully packed and shipped direct to your door, ensuring traceability every step of the way.

      What goes well with Volt?

      As our potent pre-workout, Volt can be enhanced by stacking with Amino Go during your workout. Amino Go is a hydrating amino acid formula to keep you fuelled throughout your workout. We would also recommend ZMA zinc and magnesium recovery formula to promote post workout recovery and support normal testosterone production.

      For references, please see here

  • Nutritional Info
    • Typical values per 100g
      • Energy:200 kJ
      • Energy:48 kcal
      • Fat:0.0g
      • of which saturates:0.0g
      • Carbohydrate:12.0g
      • of which sugars:12.0g
      • Protein:0.0g
      • Salt:Trace
      Per 25g serving
      • Energy:50 kJ
      • Energy:12 kcal
      • Protein:0.0g
      • Fat:0.0g
      • of which saturates:0.0g
      • Carbohydrate:3.0g
      • of which sugars:3.0g
      • Salt:Trace
      Also includes per 25g serving:
      • Creatine monohydrate:5g
      • Taurine:2.5g
      • AAKG:2g
      • Beta Alanine:3g
      • Citrulline Malate:4g
      • Tyrosine :1g
      • L Carnitine:500mg
      • Glucuronolactone:500mg
      • Guarana Extract (22% Caffeine):175mg
      • Caffeine Anhydrous:350mg
      • Vitamin B6:20mg (1429% RDA)

      Total Caffeine:389.1mg

      WARNING, high caffeine content.

      Nutritional values are based on Berry Burst flavour. For other flavour variants nutritional values may vary slightly.

  • Additional Info
    • Ingredients

      Creatine Monohydrate, Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, Tyrosine, Dextrose, Taurine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, Natural Flavouring, Natural Colour (Beetroot Red), L Carnitine, Glucuronolactone, Guarana Extract (20% Caffeine), Caffeine Anhydrous, Sweetener (Sucralose), Vitamin B6.

      Suggested Use

      Intermediate Dose: Add four medium scoops (12.5g) to 200ml of water in you GN™ Blender Bottle shake and consume immediately. For a weaker tasting drink use less liquid.

      Experienced Dose: Add eight medium scoops (25g) to 300-400ml of water in you GN™ Blender Bottle shake and consume immediately. For a weaker tasting drink use less liquid.

      We recommend one serving daily approximate 30 minutes before workout.

      Caution: High caffeine content. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breast feeding women or caffeine sensitive persons.

      Medium GN™ scoop included.

      Please note: All servings are measured using an accurate set of scales. While we strive to provide an accurate equivalent measure using GoNutrition® scoops, these are only estimates and should not be a substitute for using a standardised measuring device.

  • Q&A
    • When should I use Volt™?

      As a pre-workout formula, we recommend using Volt™ approximately 30-45 minutes before training.

      Who should use Volt™?

      Volt™ should be used by anyone looking to increase the intensity of their workouts, in order to maximise training results.

      Are there any restrictions or warning when using Volt™?

      Volt™ has a high caffeine content and is therefore not recommended for children (under the age of 18), pregnant or breast feeding women or caffeine sensitive persons.

      Can I use Volt™ with other supplements?

      Volt™ has a high caffeine content and as such we do not recommend it is used alongside other caffeine containing products or stimulants. Other supplements such as amino acids or protein formulas can be used.

      Why do I get tingles when taking Volt™?

      Volt™ contains Beta Alanine which can cause skin tingling in some individuals. This is perfectly normal and will wear off naturally.

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