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Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure

Soy free protein from grass fed, free range cows

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  • Unrivaled levels of purity
  • Over 22.5g protein per serving
  • Very low in fat and carbohydrates
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What is Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure?

Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure is an ultra-pure soy free whey protein powder and provides 22.5g protein per 25g serving. This product is obtained from the milk of grass fed, free range cattle and provides over 90% protein and very low in carbohydrate, lactose and fat, with only 0.3g carbs and 0.25g fat per serving. It is a higher end whey protein than both our Standard Whey Protein 80 and our Whey Protein 80 SF Pure. The whey isolate base is combined with allergen-free sunflower lecithin as the emulsifying agent to give unparalleled levels of purity.

What is sunflower lecithin?

Sunflower Lecithin is an allergen-free premium vegetarian phospholipid from sunflower seeds. This is used as an emulsifying agent to ensure you get smooth, creamy, lump-free shakes. We’ve incorporated sunflower lecithin into Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure to give an alternative to the popular soy lecithin. This now means that individuals with an intolerance to soy can enjoy our great tasting, grass fed whey protein with unparalleled levels of purity.

What else is included in Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure?

The unflavoured version of Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure contains only the whey isolate base and sunflower lecithin, which helps your shake blend in water. Flavoured versions will also include a small amount of the GN ™ natural flavours and colourings along with some calorie-free sweetener in the form of sucralose.

What is so special about Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure?

Aside from being a UK first with our Sunflower Lecithin, the whey protein isolate used in this product is of extraordinarily high quality. It is a traceable product from free range, grass-fed cows and is made from vegetarian sweet cheese. This isolate comes from a worldwide leading dairy and is processed at low temperatures, resulting in what’s known as an undenatured protein powder, meaning the protein structure has not been damaged by heat.

How does this differ from Whey Protein 80 SF Pure?

Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure goes through an extra filtration process to remove more of the fats and carbohydrates from the product, this results in an even purer source containing just 0.3g carbs and 0.25g fat per 25g serving. Comparatively, Whey Protein 80 SF Pure contains 1.3g carbs and 2.1g fat per serving.

Who should use Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure?

Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure is ideal for anyone following a low carb or fat diet. It is an excellent source of dietary protein and is suitable for anyone who is physically active and looking to fuel recovery and lean muscle gains, or simply looking to increase protein from a quality source.

How will this product benefit my training?

Dietary protein is incredibly important because it helps with the growth and repair of muscle cells. Physically active individuals looking to increase muscle mass should be looking to consume 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight per day. Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure packs in a massive 22.5g protein per serving, so 2-5 servings per day can really help to hit your daily target. It's also a great source of Branched Chain Amino Acids (6.2g per serving) and glutamic acid (4.75g per serving), both of which rapidly reach the muscles and encourage growth and recovery. Whey protein isolate is a highly bioavailable source of protein, meaning our bodies are able to rapidly absorb and utilise it efficiently. This means it's great to take before or after your workout, or with the first meal of the day.

What goes well with Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure?

Try adding 5g of Creatine Monohydrate to a pre workout shake in order to increase strength and explosive power. Alternatively, a scoop of Pure Fine Oats can be added to a post workout shake to increase calorie intake and provide a source of low GI carbohydrates.

Nutritional Info

Nutritional Info
Typical values per 100g
  • Energy:1570 kJ
  • Energy:375 kcal
  • Fat:1.0g
  • of which saturates:0.6g
  • Carbohydrates:1.2g
  • of which sugars:1.2g
  • Protein (dry-basis):90.5g
  • Protein (as-is):88.8g
  • Salt:0.33g
Typical values per 25g serving
  • Energy:393 kJ
  • Energy:94 kcal
  • Fat:0.25g
  • of which saturates:0.15g
  • Carbohydrates:0.3g
  • of which sugars:0.3g
  • Protein (dry-basis):22.6g
  • Protein (as-is):22.2g
  • Salt:0.08g

Nutritional values are based on unflavoured version. For flavoured options the protein content will be reduced by approximately 3-5% depending on your choice of flavour.

Additional Info

Additional Information
Allergen Info

For Allergens see ingredients listed in bold.


Whey Protein Isolate (Milk), Cocoa Powder (Triple Chocolate Flavour Only), Natural Flavouring (Flavoured Options Only), Natural Colour (Beetroot Red [Strawberries & Whipped Cream Flavour Only], Sweetener (Sucralose [Flavoured Options Only]), Instantising Agent (Sunflower Lecithin) (<1.5%).

Suggested Use

Add one large scoop (25g) to 150ml of water in your GN™ blender bottle. Shake and consume immediately. Use less liquid for a thicker and stronger tasting shake, use milk for a creamier tasting shake. Adjust to taste

We recommend 2-5 servings daily to increase your protein intake. Best taken at breakfast, post workout and in between meals. Experts suggest a minimum 1g of protein per pound of body weight daily to promote lean muscle growth.


Why should I use whey protein?

Whey protein is a fundamental part of any athlete's nutritional program. Dietary protein is essential for the growth and repair of all cells in the body, including muscle cells. When you're physically active, you require around 1g protein per 1lb body weight to experience optimal training adaptations. Whey protein is also the fastest absorbing form of protein around and has the highest bioavailability to the human body.

When should I use Whey Isolate 90 SF Pure?

Whey Protein 90 SF Pure is a fantastic lean protein source and can be enjoyed any time of day. As a general rule we recommend taking 2-5 servings per day. This can be taken at breakfast, before or after a workout and between meals as required.

Should I use Whey Protein Isolate or Whey Protein Concentrate?

Both whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate are premium quality forms of highly bioavailable whey protein. Isolate yields 90% protein compared to 80% from concentrate. This is due to an additional filtration process during manufacture that removes further fat and carbohydrates (lactose). This makes whey protein isolate ideal for anyone with a minor lactose intolerance, anyone on a strict calorie diet, those looking to avoid carbohydrates or fats and anyone with a focus on lean muscle development or fat loss.


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